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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
101 Cadwr Welsh Legendary son of Gwlyon. M
102 Cadwy Welsh Legendary son of Gereint. M

103 Cadyryeith Welsh Well spoken. M
104 Caecelius Latin Blind. M
105 Caecilius Roman Original masculine form of Cecilia M
106 Caedmon Anglo-Saxon Poet. M
107 Caedmon African Warrior M
108 Caedon English Battle M
109 Caedus Latin Killing M
110 Caedwalla Anglo-Saxon Name of a king. M
111 Cael African Slim M
112 Caelan Gaelic Contemporary variant of Cailean 'Child.'. M
113 Caelan Irish Powerful warrior. M

114 Caelan African Thin M
115 Caelian Dutch English form of Caelianus M
116 Caelifer Roman to carry M
117 Caelin Irish Variant of Caelan: Powerful warrior. M
118 Caelius Roman Roman family name that was derived from Latin caelum meaning M
119 Caelus Roman the heavens M
120 Caer-Llion Welsh From Caerleon. M
121 Caerau Welsh From the castle. M
122 Caerleon ArthurianLegend Name of a battle site. M
123 Caersewiella English Lives at the watercress spring. M
124 Caerwyn Welsh White fortress. M
125 Caerwyn Celtic White, Fair M
126 Caesar Danish Long hair. M
127 Caesar Latin The family name of Roman dictator Gaius Julias Caesar. Its origin is uncertain:, but may come from 'caesaries' meaning hair, or 'caesius' meaning 'bluish-grey, or 'caedere' meaning to cut, perhaps referring to his birth by Caesarean section. M
128 Caesar Shakespearean Antony and Cleopatra'. Octavius Caesar, Roman triumvir. 'The Tragedy of Julius Caesar' Julius Caesar, Roman statesman and general. M
129 Caesar Swedish Long hair. M
130 Caesar African Head full of hair M
131 Caesar Roman From a Roman cognomen that possibly meant "hairy M
132 Caesare Greek Long haired. M
133 Caesarion Roman Which in Turn Was a Hellenized Form of Caesar M
134 Caesonius Roman Roman Family Name That Was Derived From The Praenomen Caeso M
135 Caetano African From Gaeta M
136 Caetano Portuguese Portuguese form of Gaetano M
137 Caewyn Welsh White, Fair M
138 Caezar Latin Variant of Caesar: Hairy. M
139 Cafall ArthurianLegend Arthur's dog. M
140 Cafer Turkish Turkish form of Jafer M
141 Caffar Irish Helmet. M
142 Cafiero Italian Infidel M
143 Caflice Anglo-Saxon Brave. M
144 Cafu Portuguese Diminutive of Cafu M
145 Cagan Turkish Fiesta, Good Things M
146 Cagatay Turkish Unknown M
147 Caglar Turkish Waterfall, Cascade M
148 Cagney Irish Surname. M
149 Cahal Celtic Strong in battle. M
150 Cahal Irish Variant of Cathall: Ready for war. M
151 Cahal Irish Anglicized form of Cathal M
152 Cahir Irish Warrior. M
153 Cahir Celtic Anglicized Form of Cathair M
154 Cai ArthurianLegend Arthur's brother. M
155 Cai English Diminutive of Caius: A variant of Gaius; which is a more common form of the name in Britain. Famous bearer: Cambridge's Caius College is named after its founder, John Caius. M
156 Cai Welsh A diminutive of Cajus, frequently used as an independent name in Wales. Rejoicer. M
157 Cai Swedish Variant of kai M
158 Cai Chinese Fortune M
159 Cai Danish Variant of Kai M
160 Caibre Celtic Charioteer M
161 Caike Portuguese Variant of Caique M
162 Cailean Gaelic Young dog, or child. Scottish Gaelic. M
163 Cailean Scottish Triumphant in battle; triumphant in war; virile. Contemporary variant of Cailean 'Child.'. M
164 Cailean African A dove M
165 Cailen Gaelic Child. M
166 Cailin Scottish Contemporary variant of Cailean 'Child.'. M
167 Caillen Gaelic Child. M
168 Caillen Scottish Virile. M
169 Cailte Celtic Slender M
170 Cailte Irish Older form of Caoilte M
171 Cailum Scottish Variant of Callum M
172 Caim Portuguese Portuguese form of Cain M
173 Caimheul Gaelic Crooked mouth. M
174 Caimin Irish Intelligence M
175 Cain Hebrew Spear; possessed. In the Bible Cain was the first murderer having killed his brother Abel in a fit of jealousy. M
176 Cain Irish Archaic. M
177 Cain Welsh Clear water. M
178 Cain African Brought in M
179 Cain Latin Acquired M
180 Cain Spanish Spanish form of Cain M
181 Cain Biblical Acquired M
182 Cain French French form of Cain M
183 Cainan Latin Variant of Kenan M
184 Cainan Biblical Variant of Kenan M
185 Caindale English From the clear river valley. M
186 Caine Celtic Variant of Cain M
187 Caine English Place name unrelated to the Biblical Cain. M
188 Caine French Place name unrelated to the Biblical Cain. M
189 Caine Irish Variant of Kane M
190 Caingneach Celtic Pleader, Advocate M
191 Cainneach Celtic Irish Form of Coinneach M
192 Caino Italian Italian form of Cain M
193 Caio Celtic Diminutive of Cai M
194 Caio Welsh Variant of Cai: Joy. M
195 Caio Italian Italian form of Gaius M
196 Caio Portuguese Portuguese and Italian form of Gaius M
197 Caio Welsh Diminutive of Cai M
198 Caiphas Biblical He that seeks with diligence; one that vomiteth M
199 Caique NativeAmerican Aquatic Bird M
200 Caique Portuguese Diminutive of Carlos M
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