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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
4201 Cyndeyrn Welsh Head chief. M
4202 Cyneleah English Lives in the royal meadow. M

4203 Cyneley English Lives in the royal meadow. M
4204 Cyneric English Royal. M
4205 Cynerik English Royal. M
4206 Cynfelyn Welsh Welsh form of Cunobelinus M
4207 Cynfelyn Celtic Welsh Form of Cunobelinus M
4208 Cynhard English Bold guardian. M
4209 Cyning English Royal. M
4210 Cynog Welsh Chief M
4211 Cynog Celtic Chief M
4212 Cynric English Royal. M
4213 Cynrik English Royal. M

4214 Cyntek Polish Diminutive of Hiacynt M
4215 Cynwal Welsh Prince, Chief M
4216 Cynwal Celtic Prince, Chief M
4217 Cyparisse French French form of Cyparissus M
4218 Cypek Polish Diminutive of Cyprian M
4219 Cypress African Strong, muscular, adaptable M
4220 Cypriaan Dutch Dutch form of Cyprian M
4221 Cyprian Greek From Cyprus. M
4222 Cyprian Latin From 'Cyprianus ' meaning 'of Cyprus'. Famous bearer, 3rd-century martyr St Cyprian, was Bishop of Carthage. M
4223 Cyprian Polish From Cyprus. M
4224 Cyprianus Roman Original Latin form of Cyprion M
4225 Cyprien French French form of Cyprianus M
4226 Cyprion Polish Diminutive of Cyprian M
4227 Cyprus Biblical Fair, fairness. M
4228 Cyr Greek Lordly. M
4229 Cyr French French form of Cyrus M
4230 Cyran French Variant of Siran M
4231 Cyrano French Cyrano de Bergerac was a seventeenth-century soldier and science-fiction writer. M
4232 Cyrano Greek From Cyrene (Greek island). M
4233 Cyrek Greek Lordly. M
4234 Cyrek Polish Diminutive of Cyryl M
4235 Cyrene Biblical A wall, coldness, the floor. M
4236 Cyrenius Biblical Who governs. M
4237 Cyriak Polish Polish and Slovak form of Cyriacus M
4238 Cyriaque French French form of Cyriacus M
4239 Cyriel Dutch Dutch form of Cyrille M
4240 Cyriel Flemish Dutch form of Cyrille M
4241 Cyrien French Derived from the names Cyr M
4242 Cyril English Master; lord. M
4243 Cyril Greek Lord, lordly. Famous bearer, the 9th-century missionary Saint Cyril, devised the Cyrillic alphabet used in Slavonic languages. M
4244 Cyril African Of the Lord M
4245 Cyril Czech Lord M
4246 Cyril French Lord M
4247 Cyrill English Master; lord. M
4248 Cyrill Greek Master; lord. M
4249 Cyrill German Swiss German form of Cyril M
4250 Cyrille Greek Variant of Cyril: Lord. M
4251 Cyrille French French form of Cyril M
4252 Cyrillus Greek Variant of Cyril: Lord. M
4253 Cyrique French French form of Cyricus M
4254 Cyro Portuguese Brazilian variant of Cristiano M
4255 Cyrus Greek Enthroned. Cyrus the Great conquered Babylon and founded the Persian Empire. M
4256 Cyrus Latin Sun. M
4257 Cyrus Persian From the Persian name Kurush, meaning throne. In sixth century BC, King Cyrus the Great founded the Persian empire. M
4258 Cyrus African Far sighted M
4259 Cyrus Latin Lord M
4260 Cyrus Biblical Far Sighted M
4261 Cyryk Polish Polish form of Cyricus M
4262 Cyryl Greek Lordly. M
4263 Cyryl Polish Polish form of Cyril M
4264 Cyryn Polish Variant of Cyrus M
4265 Cystenian Welsh Steady; stable. M
4266 Cystennin Welsh Constant. M
4267 Cystennin Celtic Welsh form of Constantine M
4268 Cywair Welsh Proper Order, Fit State or Condition M
4269 Cywair Celtic Proper Order, Fit State or Condition M
4270 Czar Russian Emperor. Variant of Caesar. M
4271 Czarek Polish Diminutive of Cezary M
4272 Czaslaw Polish Variant of Czeslaw M
4273 Czcibor Polish Battle M
4274 Czcimir Polish Polish Form of Chestimir M
4275 Czcislaw Polish Form of Czeslaw M
4276 Czeck Polish Variant of Czeslaw: Glory and honour. M
4277 Czedomir Polish Polish form of Cedomir M
4278 Czesbor Polish Variant of Czcibor M
4279 Czesiek Polish Variant of Czeslaw: Glory and honour. M
4280 Czesio Polish Diminutive of Czeslaw M
4281 Czeslaw Polish Glory M
4282 Czeslow Polish Diminutive of Czeslaw M
4283 Czestobor Polish To Fight Often M
4284 Czestomir Polish Peace M
4285 Czork Polish Diminutive of Cezari M
4286 Czscibor Polish Variant of Czcibor M
4287 Czudomir Polish Polish Form of Cudomir M
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