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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
1 D'anton French Variant of Anthony. M
2 D'arcy French Dark. From Arcy. Variant of Darcy. M

3 Da Chinese Big, Great, Vast, High M
4 Da Cambodian Rock, Stone M
5 Da-Bin Korean Much, Many M
6 Da-Fu Chinese Good God M
7 Da-Hyeon Korean Good M
8 Da-Min Korean Temperate; Peaceful M
9 Da-Mon African-American Variant of Damon M
10 Da-San Korean The Mountain of Tea M
11 Daa'im Muslim Continual. Listing.. M
12 Daa'ood Muslim Variant of Daud: The Biblical David is the English language equivalent. A Prophet's name.. M
13 Daaf Dutch Dutch short form of David M

14 Daamodar Hindu Rope around waist; God Krishna M
15 Daan Dutch Short form of Daniel M
16 Daanaa Muslim Variant of Dana: Wise. Intelligent.. M
17 Daaneesh Muslim Variant of Danish: Knowledge. Wisdom.. M
18 Daanish Muslim Variant of Danish: Knowledge. Wisdom.. M
19 Daara Persian Variant transcription of Dara M
20 Daarshik Hindu The one who perceives M
21 Daarun Hindu A strong man M
22 Daasu Hindu A powerful man M
23 Daavi NativeAmerican Form Of David M
24 Daavid Finnish Variant of David M
25 Daayan Muslim Practitioner of Black Magic M
26 Dabang Hindu Brave personality M
27 Dabareh Biblical The word, the thing, a bee, obedient. M
28 Dabbasheth Biblical Flowing with honey. M
29 Dabeet Hindu Warrior M
30 Daberath Biblical The word, the thing, a bee, obedient. M
31 Dabhiti Hindu Injustice; getting ready for battle M
32 Dabi Hebrew Dearly loved. M
33 Dabid Biblical Form of David M
34 Dabir African Teacher. M
35 Dabir Arabic Teacher. M
36 Dabney African White settlement M
37 Dabnshu Hindu Filled with love M
38 Dace English Of the nobility. M
39 Dace French Of the nobility. M
40 Dace Gaelic Diminutive of Dacey: From the south. M
41 Dacee African-American Variant of Dacey M
42 Dacey English Of the nobility. M
43 Dacey French Of the nobility. M
44 Dacey Gaelic Southerner. M
45 Dachir Spanish Respelling of Richard M
46 Dachuan Chinese Big, Great, Vast, High M
47 Dacia Gaelic Variant of Dacey: From the south. M
48 Dacian Rumanian The Old Roman Name for the Region that is now Rumanian Moldova M
49 Dacian English Of the nobility. M
50 Dacian French Of the nobility. M
51 Dacian Gaelic Variant of Dacey: From the south. M
52 Dacian Latin From Dacia (in Rome). M
53 Dacian Spanish Spanish form of Dacian M
54 Daciano Italian Italian and Galician form of Dacian M
55 Dacianus Roman Ancient Roman form of Dacian M
56 Dacio Spanish From Dacia. M
57 Dacio Italian Italian and Galician form of Dacius M
58 Daciu Italian Italian and Galician form of Dacius M
59 Dacius Roman which is a region now serving as Moldova and Romania M
60 Dacjan Polish Polish form of Dacian M
61 Dacjusz Polish Polish form of Dacius M
62 Dack English Reference to the French town Dax. M
63 Dacso Hungarian God judges. M
64 Dacy Gaelic Southerner. M
65 Dada African Nigerian name meaning 'curly-haired child'. M
66 Dadasaheb Hindu A honor M
67 Daddu Hindu Grandfather M
68 Dadgayadoh NativeAmerican Seneca name meaning gambling men. M
69 Dadhica Hindu Sprinkling curd M
70 Dadhikra Hindu A divine horse; Sun M
71 Dadi Scandinavian Possibly an Old Norse pet form of M
72 Dado Portuguese Portuguese diminutive of Eduardo M
73 Dae-Hwan Korean Big, Great M
74 Dae-Hyeon Korean Benevolent, Wise M
75 Dae-Jung Korean Middle M
76 Dae-Seong Korean Big, Great M
77 Daedalus Greek Killed his nephew. M
78 Daeg Gaelic Black-haired. M
79 Daeg Irish Black-haired. M
80 Daeg Scandinavian Variant of Dag: Day. M
81 Daeg Thai Red M
82 Daegal Anglo-Saxon Dweller by the dark stream. M
83 Daegal Scandinavian Dawn. M
84 Daegan Irish Black-haired. M
85 Daegan Gaelic Black-Haired M
86 Daegon English Variant of Degon M
87 Daekwon African-American Apparently a variant of Dejuan M
88 Dael English Lives in the valley. M
89 Daelan English Rhyming variant of Waylon - a historical blacksmith with supernatural powers. M
90 Daemon Greek Guardian spirit. M
91 Daequan African-American Variant of Daquan M
92 Daeshim Hindu Greatest mind M
93 Daeva Sanskrit Alternate transcription of Deva M
94 Daewon African Gracious God M
95 Dafaq Arabic The fuck M
96 Dafi Welsh Diminutive of Dafydd M
97 Dafi Celtic Diminutive of Dafydd M
98 Dafi Scandinavian Silent One M
99 Dafydd Welsh A Welsh form of the Hebrew name David, meaning beloved or friend. M
100 Dafydd Welsh Welsh form of David M
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