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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
3701 Dwijpati Hindu River God who is the Lord of the Brahmans M
3702 Dwilliam Hindu Lord of the Brahmans M

3703 Dwipayan Hindu One who is born on the island; name of a Sage M
3704 Dwipendra Hindu He is the Lord of the light M
3705 Dwirada Hindu One who is possessed with glow and light M
3706 Dwivarna Hindu One who is born to rule the world M
3707 Dwyer Irish Dark wisdom. M
3708 Dyal Hindu A kind and noble gentleman M
3709 Dyami NativeAmerican Eagle. M
3710 Dyansh Hindu To Give Mercy M
3711 Dyau Hindu bright, heaven, space M
3712 Dyaus Indian Sky. M
3713 Dyaus Hindu King of heaven and the first man on Earth M

3714 Dydier French Probably a Middle French variant of Desiderius M
3715 Dydime French Variant of Didyme M
3716 Dydym Polish Polish form of Didymus M
3717 Dyego Portuguese Variant of Diego M
3718 Dyer English Dyes cloth. M
3719 Dyer African A dyer of cloth M
3720 Dyfan Welsh The name of an obscure 2nd-century Welsh saint M
3721 Dyfed Celtic From Dyfed. M
3722 Dyfed Celtic Region of Wales M
3723 Dyfed Welsh Region of Wales M
3724 Dyfnallt Celtic Welsh Cognate of Domhnall M
3725 Dyfnallt Welsh Welsh cognate of Domhnall M
3726 Dyfri Celtic Water M
3727 Dyfri Welsh Water M
3728 Dyfrig Celtic Dark, Unclean M
3729 Dyfrig Welsh Dark, Unclean M
3730 Dyggve Swedish Swedish form of Dyggvi M
3731 Dylan Welsh Son of the wave, born near the sea, influence. Famous bearers: Welsh poet Dylan Thomas, American folk singer Bob Dylan. M
3732 Dylan African From a large sea M
3733 Dylan Welsh Tide, Flow M
3734 Dylan Celtic Tide, Flow M
3735 Dylano Dutch Variant of Dylan M
3736 Dyllan Irish Variant of Dillon: Loyal. M
3737 Dyllan Welsh From the sea. M
3738 Dyllon Irish Variant of Dillon: Loyal. M
3739 Dyllon Welsh From the sea. M
3740 Dymitr Polish Polish Form of Demetrius M
3741 Dymitriusz Polish Polish form of Demetrius M
3742 Dymtrus Ukrainian Ukrainian form of James Supplanter M
3743 Dynadin ArthurianLegend A knight. M
3744 Dynawd Welsh Donation. M
3745 Dyon Dutch Variant of Dion M
3746 Dyota Hindu In India name of a God M
3747 Dyotak Hindu A symbol; they are compulsive and brave M
3748 Dyre Norse Valuable; dear. M
3749 Dyri Norse Dear. M
3750 Dyrk German English And German Variant Spelling of Dirk M
3751 Dyrver Scandinavian Fighter M
3752 Dysean African-American Combination of prefix dy and Sean M
3753 Dysmas German Variant of Dismas M
3754 Dyson English Variant of Dennison: Dennis' son. M
3755 Dyson African Follower of Zeus M
3756 Dytrych Polish Polish Cognate of Dietrich M
3757 Dytryk Polish Polish cognate of Dietrich M
3758 Dyuakko Russian Karelian form of Yakov M
3759 Dyudhaman Hindu One whose abode is in heaven M
3760 Dyujaya Hindu One who can conquer the heaven M
3761 Dyumani Hindu Name of majestic Lord Shiva M
3762 Dyumatsena Hindu Noble king of the Shalwas M
3763 Dyumni Hindu An inspired, powerful and noble person M
3764 Dyumnik Hindu One who has a great might M
3765 Dyumnika Hindu A young but practical judge M
3766 Dyunisa Hindu Name of Lord Surya M
3767 Dyupati Hindu The Lord of the heaven M
3768 Dyurgiy Russian Karelian form of Gregore M
3769 Dyutana Hindu Eternal shiing and bright M
3770 Dyutikara Hindu bright, handsome, another name of dhruva star M
3771 Dyutiman Hindu A radiant and fantastic being M
3772 Dyutimat Hindu One who spreads the radiance everywhere M
3773 Dyutir Hindu Radiance M
3774 Dyutita Hindu A heavenly body M
3775 Dyvynarth Welsh Legendary son of Gwrgwst. M
3776 Dyvyr Welsh Legendary son of Alun. M
3777 Dywel Welsh Legendary son of Erbin. M
3778 Dyzek Polish Earth-lover. M
3779 Dyzma Polish Polish form of Dismas M
3780 Dzeroun Armenian Old Man M
3781 Dzhanniy Russian Variant transcription of Dzhanni M
3782 Dzhek Russian Russian form of Jack M
3783 Dzhekson Russian Russian form of Jacson M
3784 Dzheremi Russian Russian form of Jeremy M
3785 Dzheyden Russian Russian form of Jaden M
3786 Dzheyms Russian Russian variant of James M
3787 Dzhokhar Hindu An illuminated and happy person M
3788 Dzhon Russian Russian form of John M
3789 Dzhonatan Russian Russian form of Jonathan M
3790 Dzhoshua Russian Russian form of Joshua M
3791 Dzhozef Russian Russian form of Joseph M
3792 Dzhulian Russian Russian and Bulgarian form of Julian M
3793 Dzialaslaw Polish To Work, To Perform M
3794 Dzierzymir Polish Peace M
3795 Dzierzyslaw Polish Glory M
3796 Dziugas Lithuanian Joyous M
3797 Dzuy Vietnamese Variant of Duy M
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