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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
3801 Dyutana Hindu Eternal shiing and bright M
3802 Dyutikara Hindu bright, handsome, another name of dhruva star M

3803 Dyutiman Hindu A radiant and fantastic being M
3804 Dyutimat Hindu One who spreads the radiance everywhere M
3805 Dyutir Hindu Radiance M
3806 Dyutita Hindu A heavenly body M
3807 Dyvynarth Welsh Legendary son of Gwrgwst. M
3808 Dyvyr Welsh Legendary son of Alun. M
3809 Dywel Welsh Legendary son of Erbin. M
3810 Dyzek Polish Earth-lover. M
3811 Dyzma Polish Polish form of Dismas M
3812 Dzeroun Armenian Old Man M
3813 Dzhanniy Russian Variant transcription of Dzhanni M

3814 Dzhek Russian Russian form of Jack M
3815 Dzhekson Russian Russian form of Jacson M
3816 Dzheremi Russian Russian form of Jeremy M
3817 Dzheyden Russian Russian form of Jaden M
3818 Dzheyms Russian Russian variant of James M
3819 Dzhokhar Hindu An illuminated and happy person M
3820 Dzhon Russian Russian form of John M
3821 Dzhonatan Russian Russian form of Jonathan M
3822 Dzhoshua Russian Russian form of Joshua M
3823 Dzhozef Russian Russian form of Joseph M
3824 Dzhulian Russian Russian and Bulgarian form of Julian M
3825 Dzialaslaw Polish To Work, To Perform M
3826 Dzierzymir Polish Peace M
3827 Dzierzyslaw Polish Glory M
3828 Dziugas Lithuanian Joyous M
3829 Dzuy Vietnamese Variant of Duy M
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