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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
1 E'jaaz Muslim Miracle. Astonishment.. M
2 E'temaad Muslim Variant of E'temad: Faith. Trust.. M

3 E'temad Muslim Faith. Trust.. M
4 Ea Celtic Fire. M
5 Ea Irish Fire. M
6 Eachaidh Celtic Variant of Eochaidh M
7 Eachainn Scottish Variant of Eachann M
8 Eachan Irish Horseman. M
9 Eachann Gaelic Steadfast. M
10 Eachann Greek Steadfast. M
11 Eachann Irish Horse-lover. M
12 Eachann Scottish Brown Horse M
13 Eachann African Brown horse M

14 Eachann Celtic Brown Horse M
15 Eachin Scottish Variant of Eachunn M
16 Eachmarcach Celtic Knight M
17 Eachthighearn Gaelic Horse lord. M
18 Eachthighearn Celtic Horsemen M
19 Eachunn Scottish Variant of Eachann M
20 Eachunn Celtic Variant of Eachann M
21 Eaco Italian Italian form of Aikos M
22 Eaco Portuguese Spanish and Portuguese form of Aecus M
23 Eaco Spanish Spanish and Portuguese form of Aeacus M
24 Eadbard Irish Variant of Eadbhard: Rich protector. M
25 Eadbeorht English Wealthy. M
26 Eadbert Anglo-Saxon Name of a king. M
27 Eadbhard Irish Irish form of Edward M
28 Eadbhard Celtic Irish Form of Edward M
29 Eadburt English Wealthy. M
30 Eadelmarr English Noble. M
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