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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
1 Ja'far Saadiq Muslim Early Imam (Leader) of Islam.. M
2 Jaabir Muslim Variant of Jabir: Consoler. Comforter.. M

3 Jaafar Muslim Variant of Jafar: Rivulet.. M
4 Jaaja NativeAmerican Form of Jaja M
5 Jaak Flemish Estonian form of Jacob M
6 Jaak Dutch Estonian form of Jacob M
7 Jaakan Biblical Tribulation, labor. M
8 Jaakkima Finnish Finnish form of Joachim M
9 Jaakko African Following after M
10 Jaakko Finnish Finnish form of Jacob M
11 Jaakob Finnish Finnish and Estonian form of Jacob M
12 Jaakobah Biblical Supplanter; deceiver; the heel M
13 Jaakoppi Finnish Finnish form of Jacob M

14 Jaakupinna NativeAmerican Form of Jakupina M
15 Jaala Biblical Ascending, a little doe or goat. M
16 Jaalam Biblical Hidden; young man; heir M
17 Jaalib Muslim Variant of Jalib: Motive. Cause.. M
18 Jaami Finnish Variant of Jami M
19 Jaan Dutch Diminutive of Adriaan M
20 Jaan NativeAmerican Form of John M
21 Jaanai Biblical Answering, afflicting, making poor. M
22 Jaanu Indian Unknown M
23 Jaap Dutch Short form of Jacob M
24 Jaap Hebrew Supplanter. M
25 Jaareh Muslim Variant of Jareh: Wounding. Cutter.. M
26 Jaasau Biblical Doing; my doing. M
27 Jaasiel Biblical God's work. M
28 Jaave Finnish Finnish pet form of Jahvetti M
29 Jaaved Muslim Variant of Javid: Alive. Living.. M
30 Jaazah Biblical Helper. M
31 Jaazaniah Biblical Jehovah Has Given Ear M
32 Jaazar Biblical Helper. M
33 Jaaziah Biblical The strength of the Lord M
34 Jaaziel Biblical The strength of the Lord M
35 Jabaal African-American Variant of Jabal M
36 Jabal Hebrew A Stream M
37 Jabal Biblical Which glides away. M
38 Jabari Egyptian Brave. M
39 Jabari African-American Brave One M
40 Jabari Arabic Courageous M
41 Jabari African Courageous M
42 Jabbar Arabic Mighty. M
43 JABBAR Arabic powerful in Arabic M
44 Jabbicu Italian Variant of Jabbucu M
45 Jabesh Biblical Dryness, confusion, shame. M
46 Jabez African Grief M
47 Jabez Biblical Sorrow, trouble. M
48 Jabez Hebrew Pain. In the Old Testament, Jabez was so named because he was borne by his mother in pain. M
49 Jabi Spanish Variant of Javi M
50 Jabier Spanish Hispanicized form of Xabier M
51 Jabin Biblical He that understands; building M
52 Jabin Hebrew God has built. A Biblical name. M
53 Jabir African One who comforts M
54 Jabir Arabic Comforts. M
55 Jabir Muslim Consoler. Comforter.. M
56 JABIR Arabic comforter in Arabic M
57 Jabir Arabic One who comforts M
58 Jabneel Biblical Building of God. M
59 Jabneh Biblical He that understands; building M
60 JABR Arabic consolation assistance in Arabic M
61 Jabraan Muslim Variant of Jabran: Penalty. Reward.. M
62 Jabran Muslim Penalty. Reward.. M
63 Jabrille African-American Variant of Jabril M
64 Jac Celtic Welsh Form of Jack M
65 Jacan Hebrew Trouble. A Biblical name. Jachin. M
66 Jacare Portuguese Alligator M
67 Jacare English See Yacare M
68 Jacare Portuguese Alligator M
69 Jacati Polish Polish form of Jacenty M
70 Jacca Celtic Cornish form of Jack M
71 Jacca Cornish Cornish form of Jack M
72 Jace Greek Variant of Jason: a healing. M
73 Jacek Polish Alas. M
74 Jacenty Polish Polish form of Hyacinthus M
75 Jachan Biblical Wearing out, oppressing. M
76 Jachin Biblical He that strengthens and makes steadfast M
77 Jachym Czech Czech form of Joachim M
78 Jaci NativeAmerican Moon M
79 Jacintho Portuguese Archaic Portuguese form of Jacinto M
80 Jacintho Portuguese Archaic Portuguese form of Jacinto M
81 Jacinto Greek Hyacinth. M
82 Jacinto Spanish Hyacinth. M
83 Jacinto Portuguese Spanish and Portuguese form of Hyacinthus M
84 Jacintu Italian Variant of Giacintu M
85 Jack African God is merciful M
86 Jack English A Mechanical Device M
87 Jack Hebrew Supplanter. M
88 Jack Shakespearean 'Henry VI, Part 2' Jack Cade, a rebel. M
89 Jack Polish Polish form of Jacek M
90 Jacka Celtic Cornish Form of Jack M
91 Jacka Cornish Cornish form of Jack M
92 Jacke Swedish Diminutive of Jakob M
93 Jackie African One who supplants M
94 Jackie English Diminutive of Jack, derived from John: God is gracious. During the Middle Ages, Jack was so common that it was used as a general term for 'man' or 'boy'. Famous Bearer: American actor Jack Lemmon. Used more for girls than boys. M
95 Jackie Scottish God has been gracious; has shown favor. Based on John or Jacques. M
96 Jacko Dutch Diminutive of Jackson M
97 Jacksen Hindu Son of the man who thinks the God is gracius M
98 Jackson African Son of Jack; God is merciful. M
99 Jackson English Son of Jack. M
100 Jackson Scottish God has been gracious; has shown favor. Based on John or Jacques. M
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