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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
1 P Ilartos Armenian Armenian form of Philaretus M
2 Paajuk NativeAmerican Form of Pajuk M

3 Paalmadhiyan Hinde handsome and brilliant like the moon M
4 Paarai Biblical Opening. M
5 Paarth Hinde One of many names of Arjuna given by Lord Krishna M
6 Paavan Hinde Pure; Sacred; Holy; Divine; Innocent M
7 Paavana Hinde Purity; Holy; Divine; Innocent; Sacred M
8 Paaveli Finnish Finnish form of Paul. M
9 Paaveli Latin Small. M
10 Paavo Finnish Finnish form of Paul. M
11 Paavo Latin Small. M
12 Paavo Scandinavian Little. M
13 Paawanjeet Hinde Victory of the Pure; Victory of Innocence M

14 Paayl Celtic Small M
15 Pabiyan Russian Russian form of Fabian 'bean farmer'. M
16 Pablito Spanish Diminutive of Pablo M
17 Pablo Latin Variant of Paul: Little; small. M
18 Pablo Spanish Variant of Paul: Small. Famous Bearer: artist Pablo Picasso (1881-1973). M
19 Pablo African Tiny, petite M
20 Pace African Man of peace M
21 Pacey African From Pacy M
22 Pacho Spanish Free. M
23 Pachomiusz Polish Polish form of Pachomius M
24 Pachu'a NativeAmerican Feathered water snake (Hopi). M
25 Paciano Portuguese Peace M
26 Paciano Spanish Peace M
27 Paciente Spanish Spanish form of Patiens M
28 Pacificacion Spanish Pacification, Creating Peace M
29 Pacifico African Peaceful and serene M
30 Pacifico Spanish Peaceful M
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