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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
1 Qa'id Muslim Steersman. Leader.. M
2 Qa'im Muslim Upright. Stable.. M

3 Qaa'im Muslim Variant of Qa'im: Upright. Stable.. M
4 Qaabil Muslim Variant of Qabil: Acceptor. Next. Able.. M
5 Qaadhee Muslim Variant of Qadhi: Magistrate. Justice. Judge.. M
6 Qaahir Muslim Variant of Qahir: Conqueror. Victorious.. M
7 Qaaid Muslim Variant of Qa'id: Steersman. Leader.. M
8 Qaammatip NativeAmerican Man In The Moon M
9 Qaani' Muslim Variant of Qani': Satisfied. Content.. M
10 Qaaqquk NativeAmerican Form of Kaerkuk M
11 Qabil Muslim Acceptor. Next. Able.. M
12 Qabiz Indian One of 90 Men M
13 Qadeem Muslim Variant of Qadim: Ancient. Antique.. M

14 Qadeer Muslim Variant of Qadir: Powerful. Capable.. M
15 Qadhi Muslim Magistrate. Justice. Judge.. M
16 Qadim Muslim Ancient. Antique.. M
17 Qadir Arabic Capable. M
18 Qadir Muslim Powerful. Capable.. M
19 Qadir Arabic Full of power M
20 QADIR Arabic capable powerful in Arabic M
21 Qadir African Full of power M
22 Qadrecius African-American Qnknown M
23 Qahir Muslim Conqueror. Victorious.. M
24 Qaid Indian Commander M
25 Qaim Indian Rising Person M
26 Qaiser Muslim Emperor. Caesar.. M
27 Qajorapaluk NativeAmerican Form of Kajorapaluk M
28 Qajuuttapaluk NativeAmerican Form of Kajutapaluk M
29 Qajuuttaq NativeAmerican Form of Kajutapaluk M
30 Qajuuttarsuaq NativeAmerican Form of Kajutarssuak M
31 Qaletaqa NativeAmerican Guardian of the people (Hopi). M
32 Qamar Muslim The Moon. Satellite.. M
33 QAMAR Arabic moon in Arabic M
34 Qamar African The moon M
35 Qamya NativeAmerican Pale M
36 Qani' Muslim Satisfied. Content.. M
37 Qanik NativeAmerican Form of Kanik M
38 Qaqi NativeAmerican Form of Kake M
39 Qaraar Muslim Variant of Qarar: Rest. Firmness.. M
40 Qarar Muslim Rest. Firmness.. M
41 Qarasaq NativeAmerican Form of Karasak M
42 Qarawi NativeAmerican Song M
43 Qaree Muslim Variant of Qari: Reader. Reciter.. M
44 Qari Muslim Reader. Reciter.. M
45 Qarto Italian Italian form of Quartus M
46 Qasallak NativeAmerican Lightweight Red Wood M
47 Qasapi NativeAmerican Form of Kasape M
48 Qaseem Arabic Divides. M
49 Qaseem Muslim Variant of Qasim: Divider.. M
50 Qasim Muslim Divider.. M
51 QASIM Arabic one who divides goods among his people M
52 Qasim Indian To Share M
53 Qassimeq NativeAmerican Form of Kassimak M
54 Qatadah Muslim A hardwood tree.. M
55 Qattaasaq NativeAmerican Form of Kataussak M
56 Qavak NativeAmerican Form of Kavak M
57 Qawari NativeAmerican Song M
58 Qays Muslim Firm.. M
59 QAYS Arabic measurement in Arabic M
60 Qayshaun African God is merciful M
61 Qeb Egyptian Father of the earth. M
62 Qeehael Muslim Variant of Qihael: The Biblical Cain is the English language equivalent.. M
63 Qemuel Biblical Form of Kemuel M
64 Qepparmiu NativeAmerican One Who Roams In The Middle M
65 Qeshaun African God is merciful M
66 Qi Chinese To Present Food M
67 Qian-Ning Chinese Chinese Variant of Channing M
68 Qiang African Strong man M
69 Qieto Spanish Italian, Spanish and Portuguese form of Quiteus M
70 Qihael Muslim The Biblical Cain is the English language equivalent.. M
71 Qillaq NativeAmerican Seal Hide M
72 Qimmiq NativeAmerican Dog M
73 Qingfang Chinese Clear, Pure, Clean M
74 Qingfeng Chinese Blue, Green, Young M
75 Qinghua Chinese Clear, Pure, Clean M
76 Qinglong Chinese Blue, Green M
77 Qingmei Chinese Pure, Clean M
78 Qinmei Chinese Piano, Japanese Harp M
79 Qinyin Chinese Sound, Noise, Tone M
80 Qiong Chinese Fine Jade, Exquisite, Beautiful M
81 Qiperoq NativeAmerican Form of Kiperok M
82 QISMAT Arabic fate in Arabic M
83 Qiteq NativeAmerican Form of Kitek M
84 Qiteraq NativeAmerican Form of Kiterak M
85 Qivioq NativeAmerican Fluff, Down M
86 Qochata NativeAmerican White man (Hopi). M
87 Qooqa NativeAmerican Form of Koka M
88 Qorsuk NativeAmerican Form of Korsuk M
89 Qsn Egyptian Quality Strategy Network M
90 Qssim Arabic Divides. M
91 Quaaneq NativeAmerican Form of Kanek M
92 Quade Gaelic From the Scottish clan name McQuade. M
93 Quadir African-American Variant of Qadir M
94 Quadrado Portuguese Portuguese form of Quadratus M
95 Quadrat French French form of Quadratus M
96 Quadrato Italian Italian form of Quadratus M
97 Quaid Irish Irish form of Walter. M
98 Quamain African-American Variant of Kwamaine M
99 Quamaine African-American Variant of Kwamaine M
100 Quamane African-American Variant of Kwamaine M
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