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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
1 T'iis NativeAmerican Cottonwood (Navajo). M
2 Ta-Wineonawira NativeAmerican Otter Tooth M

3 Ta-Wit NativeAmerican Form of David M
4 Taabish Muslim Variant of Tabish: Warmth. Brilliance.. M
5 Taahir Muslim Variant of Tahir: Pure. Chaste. Modest.. M
6 Taajuk NativeAmerican Form of Tajuk M
7 Taajwar Muslim Variant of Tajwar: King. Crowned.. M
8 Taalib Muslim Variant of Talib: Candidate. Student.. M
9 Taalish Hindu Lord of earth M
10 Taalish Indian Lord of Earth M
11 Taaluaq NativeAmerican Form of Taluak M
12 Taamba Indian Gentleman M
13 Taamir Muslim Variant of Tamir: One who knows dates.. M

14 Taan Hindu Ability to do something or act in a particular way M
15 Taanach Biblical Who humbles thee, who answers thee. M
16 Taani NativeAmerican Form of Tane M
17 Taania NativeAmerican Form of Tania M
18 Taaniali NativeAmerican Form of Taniale M
19 Taanialik NativeAmerican Form of Tanialik M
20 Taantha Indian Music M
21 Taarank Hindu Savious M
22 Taaraz Hindu Powerful, Strong M
23 Taariq Muslim Variant of Tariq: Nightcomer. Morning star.. M
24 Taarush Hindu Taarush M
25 Taat Sanskrit To Cause To Jingle or Rattle M
26 Taatheer Muslim Variant of Tathir: Effectiveness. Impression.. M
27 Taatsi NativeAmerican Form of Taitse M
28 Taatsiannguaq NativeAmerican Variant of Taatsiaq M
29 Taatsiaq NativeAmerican Form of Taitsiak M
30 Taaveti Hebrew Dearly loved. M
31 Taavetti Finnish Beloved. M
32 Taavi Finnish Beloved. M
33 Taavi Hebrew Dearly loved. M
34 Taayin Hindu Guardian M
35 Taayin Indian Guardian M
36 Tab English Drummer. Abbreviation of Tabor. The biblical Mt. Tabor is a landmark mountain near Nazareth. M
37 Tab German Brilliant. M
38 Tab Hebrew Abbreviation of Tabor. The biblical Mt. Tabor is a landmark mountain near Nazareth. M
39 Tabaarak Muslim Variant of Tabarak: Hallowed. Magnified.. M
40 Tabarak Muslim Hallowed. Magnified.. M
41 Tabare NativeAmerican Independent M
42 Tabassum Muslim Smile. Happiness.. M
43 Tabbart German Brilliant. M
44 Tabbath Biblical Good, goodness. M
45 Tabeal Biblical Good God M
46 Tabeel Biblical Good God M
47 Tabemohtas NativeAmerican Bright Sun M
48 Taber Irish Well. M
49 Taberah Biblical The Fire of God M
50 Tabio Japanese Trip, Travel M
51 Tabish Muslim Warmth. Brilliance.. M
52 Tabo Dutch People M
53 Tabor Biblical Choice, purity, bruising. M
54 Tabor Hebrew In the bible Mt. Tabor is a landmark mountain near Nazareth. M
55 Tabor Hungarian Camp. M
56 Tabor Spanish Plays a small drum. M
57 Tabor African Tambourine player M
58 Tabrimon Biblical Good pomegranate, the navel, the middle. M
59 Tacanipiluta NativeAmerican Red Tomahawk M
60 Tachala African Playful M
61 Tachat Armenian Swift, Strong M
62 Taciano Spanish Spanish form of Tatian M
63 Tacio Spanish Spanish form of Tatius M
64 Tacio Portuguese Portuguese form Tatius M
65 Tacitas Lithuanian Lithuanian form of Tacitus M
66 Tacito Portuguese Portuguese and Spanish form of Tacitus M
67 Tacito Italian Italian form of Tacitus M
68 Tacito Spanish Portuguese and Spanish form of Tacitus M
69 Tacitus Roman silent, mute M
70 Tacjan Polish Polish Form of Tatian M
71 Taco Dutch People M
72 Tad English Abbreviation of Thaddeus who was one of Christ's 12 apostles. M
73 Tad Welsh Father. M
74 Tad African Gift given by God M
75 Tadaaki African Loyally bright M
76 Tadagaru Japanese Just, Only, Simply M
77 Tadahisa Japanese Permanent M
78 Tadakatsu Japanese Loyalty M
79 Tadamasa Japanese Upright And Strong M
80 Tadamichi Japanese Simply, Only, Merely M
81 Tadao Japanese Complacent; satisfied. M
82 Tadao Japanese Satisfied M
83 Tadaomi Japanese Loyalty M
84 Tadas Lithuanian Lithuanian form of Thaddeus M
85 Tadashi Japanese Loyalty, Devotion M
86 Tadashi African Correct or accurate M
87 Tadasu Japanese To Correct, Rectify, Reform, Amend M
88 Tadasuke Japanese Loyalty M
89 Tadatak Japanese High, Expensive, Tall M
90 Tadatomo Japanese Friend M
91 Tadayasu Japanese Cheap, Inexpensive, Relax M
92 Tadd English Abbreviation of Thaddeus who was one of Christ's 12 apostles. M
93 Tadd Welsh Father. M
94 Taddaki Japanese Creek, Bay M
95 Taddeo Italian Italian form of Thaddeus M
96 Taddeus Swedish Swedish and Finnish form of Thaddeus M
97 Taddeus Finnish Swedish and Finnish form of Thaddeus M
98 Tade Hungarian Hungarian form of Thaddeus M
99 Tadeas African Gift given by God M
100 Tadeas Czech Czech and Slovak form of Thaddeus M
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