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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
1 v Hinde Another name for Lord Vishnu M
2 Vaaj Sanskrit Strength, Vigour, Energy M

3 Vaaj Indian Strength, Vigour, Energy, Spirit, Speed M
4 Vaaj Singhalese Strength, Vigour, Energy M
5 Vaanavan Hinde From the Sky, Godly M
6 Vaapi Finnish Finnish variant of Fabian M
7 Vaas Dutch Short form of Servaas M
8 Vaas Flemish Short form of Servaas M
9 Vaast Dutch Flemish, Norman and Picard form of Vedastus M
10 Vaast Flemish Flemish, Norman and Picard form of Vedastus M
11 Vaast French Flemish, Norman and Picard form of Vedastus M
12 Vaasu Indian Wealth M
13 Vaayu Hinde Breeze M

14 Vachan Hinde Speech or promise M
15 Vachara Thai Alternate transcription of Wachara M
16 Vachaspati Hinde Lord of speech M
17 Vachasya Hinde One who is well spoken of, or celebrated M
18 Vachasya Indian One Who Is Well-Known One Who Is Well-Celebrated M
19 Vache Armenian Short form of Vachak M
20 Vachel French Little cow. M
21 Vaclar Slavic Wreath of glory. M
22 Vaclav Czech Glory M
23 Vaclovas Lithuanian Lithuanian form of Vaclav M
24 Vacslav Slavic Slavic from of Vaclav M
25 Vaddon Welsh From Bath. M
26 Vadik African Ruler M
27 Vadik Russian Diminutive of Vadim M
28 Vadim African Ruler M
29 Vadim Russian unknown M
30 Vadimir Russian peace world M
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