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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
1 Wa'il Muslim Coming back (for shelter).. M
2 Wa'iz Muslim Preacher. Advisor.. M

3 Waa'il Muslim Variant of Wa'il: Coming back (for shelter).. M
4 Waa'iz Muslim Variant of Wa'iz: Preacher. Advisor.. M
5 Waabaanakwad NativeAmerican White Cloud M
6 Waahib Muslim Variant of Wahib: Liberal. Donor.. M
7 Waamiq Muslim Variant of Wamiq: Loving. Friendly.. M
8 Waangthoi Indian Great Winner M
9 Waast French Walloon form of Vedastus M
10 Waata Maori Variant of Wata M
11 Waathiq Muslim Variant of Wathiq: Confident. Strong.. M
12 Wabanquot NativeAmerican White Cloud M
13 Wabun-Inini NativeAmerican Man of Dawn M

14 Wacek Polish Diminutive of Waclaw M
15 Wacfeld English From Wake's field. M
16 Wachara Thai Alternate transcription of Watchara M
17 Wachira Thai Lightning Bolt M
18 Wacian Anglo-Saxon Watchful. M
19 Wacian English Alert. M
20 Wack Polish Diminutive of Waclow M
21 Waclaw Polish Polish Form of Vaclav M
22 Wacleah English From Wake's meadow. M
23 Waclow Polish Diminutive of Vaclav M
24 Wacuman English Watchman. M
25 Wacus Polish Diminutive of Waclaw M
26 Wada English Advancer. M
27 Wada Anglo-Saxon Anglo-Saxon Mythology M
28 Wadanhyll English From the advancer's hill. M
29 Wade Anglo-Saxon Moving. M
30 Wade English Ford (as in river crossing); Advancer'; Medieval given name from Scandinavian mythology. M
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