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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
1 Y-Dia-El Biblical Variant Transcription of Jediael M
2 Ya'qoob Muslim Variant of Ya'qub: The Biblical Jacob is the English language equivalent.. M

3 Ya'qub Muslim The Biblical Jacob is the English language equivalent.. M
4 Ya-Jiang Chinese Combination of Ya And Jiang M
5 Ya-Rah Biblical Form of Jarah M
6 Yaakov Hebrew Held by the heel. M
7 Yaakov Biblical Form of Jacob M
8 Yaalon African He will rise up M
9 Yaameen Muslim Variant of Yamin: Towards right.. M
10 Yaangba Indian Fast, Speedy M
11 Yaaseen Muslim Variant of Yasin: Sura in Ou'ran. Name of Prophet Muhammad.. M
12 Yaashk Hinde Exerting M
13 Yaashvan Hinde Winner M

14 Yaasir Muslim Variant of Yasir: Wealthy. Towards left. Easy.. M
15 Yaatiesh Hinde Lord of devotees M
16 Yaawar Muslim Variant of Yawar: Adjutant. Aid-de camp.. M
17 Yachal Biblical Hope M
18 Yachel African To start or to commence M
19 Yachin Biblical Form of Jachin M
20 Yachleel Biblical Form of Jahzeel M
21 Yachtzeel Biblical Form of Jahzeel M
22 Yacko African-American Possible Variant of Yaco M
23 Yaco Spanish Diminutive of Jacobo M
24 Yacoub Arabic Arabic form of Jacob. M
25 YACOUB Arabic To be rich derived from Arabic M
26 Yadaspati Hinde Lord Varuna, Lord of Marine Animals M
27 Yadavaprakasa Hinde Lord Krishna M
28 Yadavendra Hinde Leader of the Yadavas M
29 Yadavesvara Hinde Lord Krishna M
30 Yader Spanish Unknown M
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