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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
1 Z'ev Hebrew Wolf. M
2 Za'ir Muslim Visitor. Guest.. M

3 Zaa'ir Muslim Variant of Za'ir: Visitor. Guest.. M
4 Zaafir Muslim Variant of Zafir: Victorious.. M
5 Zaahid Muslim Variant of Zahid: Hermit. Devotee. Abstemious. Ascetic.. M
6 Zaahir Muslim Bright. Shining. Elevated.. M
7 ZAAHIR Arabic to shine to radiate M
8 Zaakir Muslim Variant of Zakir: Remembering. Grateful.. M
9 Zaan African From near the Zaan river M
10 Zaanannim Biblical Movings, a person asleep. M
11 Zaavan Biblical Trembling. M
12 Zabad Biblical Endowment M
13 Zabady Biblical God Has Given M

14 Zabbai Biblical Flowing. M
15 Zabdi Biblical Dowry, endowed. M
16 Zaboulon Biblical Form of Zebulun M
17 Zabud Biblical Endowed M
18 Zabulon Latin Latin form of Zebulun M
19 Zabulon Biblical Form of Zebulun M
20 Zacarias Portuguese Jehovah has remembered. M
21 Zacarias Spanish Remembered by God. M
22 Zacarias Swedish Swedish variant of Zacharias M
23 Zacarias Spanish Spanish form of Zechariah M
24 Zaccai Biblical Pure meat, just. M
25 Zaccaria Italian Italian form of Zacharias M
26 Zacchaeus Aramaic Pure. M
27 Zacchaeus Hebrew Clean; pure. In the bible Zacchaeus was a tax collector who became a disciples of Jesus. This Database is Copyright Dogwood Technical Services Inc. 1995. M
28 Zaccharias Latin Form of Zacharias M
29 Zaccharias Biblical Form of Zacharias M
30 Zaccheo Italian Italian form of Zacchaeus M
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