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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
31 Aadhya Indian Original Power F
32 Aadila Muslim Variant of Adila: Just. Honest. Equal.. F

33 Aadin Sanskrit Whole Day F
34 Aadin Indian Whole Day F
35 Aaditri Hinde Goddess Laxmi F
36 Aadolfiia Finnish Variant of Adolfiina F
37 Aadolfiina Finnish Variant of Adolfiina F
38 Aadrika Hinde Mountain F
39 Aadrika Indian Mountain F
40 Aadya Indian First F
41 Aafia Indian Health, Well-Being, Freedom From Illness F
42 Aafreeda Muslim Variant of Afreda: Created. Produced.. F
43 Aafreen Indian Variant transcription of Afreen F

44 Aaggaali NativeAmerican Form of Aggale F
45 Aaggaataat NativeAmerican Form of Aggatat F
46 Aaghnya Hinde the name has a meaning of someone born from fire F
47 Aagje Dutch Short form of Agatha F
48 Aagneya Indian Variant of Agneya F
49 Aagot Swedish Variant of Agot F
50 Aagot Danish Variant of Agot F
51 Aahana Indian Variant of Ahana F
52 Aahanah Sanskrit Variant of Aahana F
53 Aahanah Indian Variant of Aahana F
54 Aahlada Sanskrit Feminine form of Aahlad F
55 Aahlada Indian Feminine form of Aahlad F
56 Aahna Hinde Exist; to live; Survive; life F
57 Aahna Indian Exist F
58 Aai Japanese Sky F
59 Aaike Dutch Diminutive of names beginning with Agi or Adal F
60 Aaima Indian Ruler F
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