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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
1 D'arcy Irish Dark. F
2 D'or French Golden. F

3 Da-Bin Korean Much, Many F
4 Da-Eun Korean Mercy, Charity F
5 Da-Hui Korean Bright, Splendid F
6 Da-Hye Korean Excellent, Better F
7 Da-In Korean Much, Many F
8 Da-Jeong Korean Much, Many F
9 Da-Min Korean Temperate; Peaceful F
10 Da-Won Korean Beautiful Woman F
11 Da-Xia Chinese Hero F
12 Da-Ye Korean Diverse, Versatile F
13 Da-Yeong Korean Petal, Flower F

14 Daantje Dutch Feminine diminutive of Daniel F
15 Dabareh Biblical The word, the thing, a bee, obedient. F
16 Dabbasheth Biblical Flowing with honey. F
17 Daberath Biblical The word, the thing, a bee, obedient. F
18 Dabre African Unknow F
19 Dabria African Angel of Death F
20 Dabrowka Polish Polish form of Doubravka F
21 Dachelle African-American Combination of the prefix Da F
22 Dacia African A woman from Dacia F
23 Dacia Roman From the name of the region in what is now Romania F
24 Daciana Rumanian Rumanian from of Dacian F
25 Daciana Spanish Spanish feminine form of Dacianus Dacian F
26 Dada Portuguese Diminutive of Daisna F
27 Dadai Biblical Variant transcription of Ahlai F
28 Dado Portuguese Portuguese diminutive of Eduardo F
29 Daedbot Anglo-Saxon Penance. F
30 Dael Dutch Small valley. F
31 Dael English Lives in the valley. F
32 Daelyn English Small valley. F
33 Daena English From Denmark. Also a variant of Daniel. F
34 Daeng Thai Red F
35 Daere Welsh Fiend. F
36 Daesgesage English Day's eye. F
37 Daeva Sanskrit Alternate transcription of Sanskrit Deva F
38 Daeva Indian Evil spirit. F
39 Daevy Cambodian Angel F
40 Daff Greek Diminutive of Daphne: Bay tree, or laurel tree. The Greek mythological nymph Daphne was rescued from the unwanted attentions of the god Apollo by being turned into a laurel bush. Famous bearer: British author Daphne du Maurier. F
41 Daffany African-American Variant of Daphne F
42 Daffni Welsh Welsh form of Daphne F
43 Daffni Celtic Welsh form of Daphne F
44 Daffodil Greek Flower. F
45 Daffodil African Narcissus flower F
46 Dafine Hungarian Hungarian form of Daphne F
47 Dafna Hebrew Laurel F
48 Dafna Hungarian Sicilian Form of Dafne F
49 Dafna Italian Feminine form of Dafne F
50 Dafne Israeli The laurel tree. The mythological virtuous Daphne was transformed into a laurel tree to protect her from Apollo. F
51 Dafne Spanish Italian and Spanish form of Daphne F
52 Dafne Hungarian Hungarian and Provencal form of Daphne F
53 Dafni Greek Modern Greek form of Daphne F
54 Daga Polish Diminutive of Dagmara F
55 Daga Swedish Feminine form of Dag F
56 Daga Danish Feminine form of Dag F
57 Daganya Hebrew Ceremonial grain. F
58 Daganyah Hebrew Ceremonial grain. F
59 Dagga Scottish Pet name for Nandag F
60 Dagga Celtic Pet Name For Nandag F
61 Dagheidr Scandinavian Derived from the Germanic name elements Dagr F
62 Daghild Swedish battle F
63 Dagian English Dawn. F
64 Dagmar Danish Famous day. Derived from a compound of two German words. Also, glory of the Danes. F
65 Dagmar German Famous or glorious day. Derived from a compound of two German words. F
66 Dagmar Swedish Dane's joy. F
67 Dagmar Teutonic Dane's joy. F
68 Dagmar Czech Maid F
69 Dagmar African Maid of the day F
70 Dagmara Polish Polish form of Dagmar F
71 Dagn Lithuanian Latvian form of Dagny F
72 Dagna Teutonic As beautiful as the day. F
73 Dagna Polish Polish form of Dagny F
74 Dagne Lithuanian Latvian form of Dagny F
75 Dagny Norse Joy of the Danes. F
76 Dagny Swedish day F
77 Dagny Danish Day F
78 Dagny African New day started F
79 Dagomar German Glorious day. F
80 Dagon Biblical Corn, a fish. F
81 Dagvi Swedish Swedish form of Dagveig F
82 Dahab Muslim Gold.. F
83 Dahab African Gold F
84 Dahae Korean Much, Many F
85 Dahbia French Possibly related to Dahab F
86 Dahiana Spanish Variant of Diana F
87 Dahlia Norse From the valley. F
88 Dahlia African Dahlia flower F
89 Dahna Italian Lady. From the respectful title Donna. F
90 Dahnya Italian Lady. From the respectful title Donna. F
91 Dahy Irish Transferred use of this surname dahy F
92 Dai Portuguese Diminutive of Daiana F
93 Daiana Rumanian Variant of Dayana F
94 Daiana Portuguese Diminutive of Dayana F
95 Daiana Spanish Variant of Dayana F
96 Daiane Portuguese Portuguese version of Diane F
97 Daianna Chinese Bright, Admirable Girl F
98 Daida Spanish newborn lamb that is still being suckled by its mother F
99 Daidai Japanese Orange Fruit F
100 Daiga Lithuanian Immature Plant F
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