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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
1 Ea Japanese Blossom F
2 Ea Danish Short Form of Names Ending In Ea F

3 Eabha Irish Irish form of Eve F
4 Eabha Celtic Irish form of Eve F
5 Eachna Italian A daughter of a king of Connacht F
6 Eacnung Anglo-Saxon Bears children. F
7 Eada English Wealthy. F
8 Eadaion German Joyous friendship. F
9 Eadan Irish Modern form of Etain F
10 Eadan Celtic Modern form of Etain F
11 Eadaoin Celtic Modern form of Etain F
12 Eadda English Wealthy. F
13 Eadgyth Anglo-Saxon Wife of Edward the Confessor. F

14 Eadgyth English Happy warfare. An Old English name meaning rich or happy (ead), and war (gyth). F
15 Eadignes Anglo-Saxon Bliss. F
16 Eadlin Anglo-Saxon Princess. F
17 Eadmund English Rich benefactress. F
18 Eadwine English Wealthy friend. F
19 Eala Irish Swan F
20 Eala Celtic Golden Lady F
21 Ealasaid Gaelic Devoted to God. F
22 Ealasaid African Promise of God F
23 Ealasaid Scottish Scottish Gaelic form of Elizabeth F
24 Ealee Celtic Variant of Ealish F
25 Ealga Irish Noble. F
26 Ealga Celtic Noble, Brave F
27 Ealisaid Celtic My God Is An Oath F
28 Ealish Celtic Variant of Aalish F
29 Ealusaid Scottish Medieval variant of Ealasaid F
30 Ealusaid Celtic Medieval Variant of Ealasaid F
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