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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
1 Fa Chinese Hakka Chinese Form of Hua F
2 Faaghira Muslim Variant of Faghira: Jasmine flower.. F

3 Faakhira Muslim Variant of Fakhira: Glorious. Magnificent.. F
4 Faami Indian Lotus F
5 Faatinah Muslim Variant of Fatinah: Captivating. Alluring. Enchanting. Fascinating. Charming.. F
6 Fabbie French This is short for Fabienne or Fabiette F
7 Fabi Portuguese Portuguese masculine short form of Fabio F
8 Fabia Italian Feminine form of Fabio: bean farmer. F
9 Fabia Latin Feminine variant of Fabian from the Roman family name Fabius. Bean farmer. F
10 Fabia Portuguese Portuguese feminine form of Fabius F
11 Fabia Roman Feminine form of Fabius F
12 Fabia African Lovely bean F
13 Fabiana Italian Feminine form of Fabio: bean farmer. F

14 Fabiana Latin Feminine form of Fabian: From the Roman clan name Fabius, meaning bean-grower or bean-seller. Famous bearer: Popular American singer Fabian, St Fabian - 3rd-century pope and martyr. F
15 Fabiana Hungarian Hungarian form of Fabiana F
16 Fabiana Roman Feminine form of Fabianus F
17 Fabiana Polish Feminine form of Fabian F
18 Fabiana Spanish Feminine form of Fabian F
19 Fabiana Portuguese Feminine form of Fabiana F
20 Fabiane Portuguese Brazilian feminine form of Fabian F
21 Fabianna Latin Feminine variant of Fabian from the Roman family name Fabius. F
22 Fabianne Latin Feminine variant of Fabian from the Roman family name Fabius. F
23 Fabienne French Feminine variant of Fabian from the Roman family name Fabius. Bean grower. F
24 Fabienne Dutch Dutch form of Fabienne F
25 Fabienne African Lovely bean F
26 Fabiette French Feminine diminutive of Fabien F
27 Fabija Lithuanian Lithuanian form of Fabia F
28 Fabijole Lithuanian Lithuanian form of Fabiola F
29 Fabiola Latin Feminine variant of Fabian from the Roman family name Fabius. Bean. F
30 Fabiola Hungarian Hungarian form of Fabiola F
31 Fabiola Roman Diminutive of Fabia F
32 Fabiola Spanish Diminutive of Fabia F
33 Fabiola African Lovely bean F
34 Fabiole French French form of Fabiola F
35 Fabisa Polish Diminutive of Fabiana F
36 Fabiula Italian form of Fabiola F
37 Fabiya Russian Bulgarian and Russian form of Fabia F
38 Fabra Latin Feminine variant of Fabian from the Roman family name Fabius. F
39 Fabrícia Hungarian Craftman F
40 Fabricia Roman Feminine form of Fabricius F
41 Fabriciana Spanish Feminine form of Fabricianus F
42 Fabriciana Portuguese Feminine form of Fabricianus F
43 Fabronia German Probably a variant of Febronia F
44 Facunda Spanish Feminine form of Facundo F
45 Fadheeler Muslim Variant of Fadhiler: Virtue. Excellence.. F
46 Fadhiler Muslim Virtue. Excellence.. F
47 Fadilah Arabic Virtue. F
48 Fadilah Muslim Virtuous. Outstanding. Superior. Cultured and refined.. F
49 Fadime Turkish Turkish variant of Fatma F
50 Fadwa Muslim Name derived from self-sacrifice.. F
51 Fae English Variant of Faith. Confidence; trust; belief. F
52 Fae French Fairy. Also a variant of Faith, meaning: Confidence; trust; belief. F
53 Fae'iqa Muslim Superb. Excellent.. F
54 Faeezah Indian Woman Leader F
55 Faela Spanish Diminutive of Rafaela F
56 Faela Irish Diminutive of Rafaela F
57 Faela Portuguese Diminutive of Rafaela F
58 Faerie Muslim Tall. Pretty.. F
59 Faeryn Scottish Feminine variant of Ferran F
60 Faetusa Spanish Spanish form of Phaetusa F
61 Fafa Japanese Flower F
62 Fagala Hebrew Variant of Fegulah F
63 Faghira Muslim Jasmine flower.. F
64 Fah Thai Light Blue, Sky F
65 Fahej Hungarian Cinnamon F
66 FAHIMA Arabic Feminine form of FAHIM F
67 Fahmee'b Muslim Variant of Fahmi'b: Wise. Understanding.. F
68 Fahmi'b Muslim Wise. Understanding.. F
69 Fahmida Indian Urdu feminine form of Fahim F
70 Fahriye Turkish Turkish feminine form of Fakhri F
71 Faidra Greek Modern Greek form of Phaedra F
72 Faigy Yiddish Diminutive of Faiga F
73 Faina Russian Unknown, possibly derived from Phaenna F
74 Faina Spanish Variant of Fayna F
75 Fainche Irish Black Fox F
76 Fairoza Muslim Turquoise. Precious stone.. F
77 FAIRUZ Arabic Alternate transcription of Arabic see FAYRUZ F
78 FAIRUZA Arabic Woman Of Triumph F
79 Fairuza African Woman of triumph F
80 Fairy African Fairy spirit F
81 Faith English Faithful. A Christian virtue name popular among 16th century Puritans. F
82 Faith Greek Confidence; trust; belief. F
83 Faith Latin Confidence; trust; belief. F
84 Faith African Trusting, believing F
85 Faithe English Faithful. F
86 Faithea African-American Combination of Faith F
87 Faizah Muslim Victorious. Winner.. F
88 Faize Turkish Very Traditional Turkish Name F
89 Fajyaz Indian Artistic F
90 Fakhira Muslim Glorious. Magnificent.. F
91 Fakhr-Un-Nissa Persian Glory Of Women F
92 Fakhriyya Muslim Glow. Pride.. F
93 Fala NativeAmerican Crow (Choctaw). F
94 Falak Muslim Star.. F
95 Falak Indian Panel, Board, Canvas F
96 Falaka Sanskrit Fruit, Result, Gain, A Board F
97 Falda Portuguese Short form of Mafalda F
98 Falda Italian Short form of Mafalda F
99 Faleesha Indian Indian Tulip F
100 Faleesha Sanskrit Indian Tulip F
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