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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
1 Ha-Eun Korean Great, Grand F
2 Ha-I Korean Harmony, Pleasure F

3 Ha-Jin Korean Scarlet Heart, Goryeo F
4 Ha-Seon Korean River Stream And F
5 Ha-Ye-Seul Korean Combination of the first syllable of Haneul F
6 Ha-Yeong Korean Summer, Great, Grand, Big F
7 Ha-Yun Korean Summer, Name F
8 Haaheo Hawaiian Cherished With Pride F
9 Haala Muslim Variant of Hala: Lunar halo. Glory.. F
10 Haaraltti Finnish Finnish form of Harald F
11 Habana Japanese Feathers F
12 Habazinaiah Biblical A hiding of the shield of the Lord. F
13 Habeeba Muslim Variant of Habiba: Beloved. Sweetheart. Darling.. F

14 Habetrot Anglo-Saxon A figure in Folklore of the Border Counties F
15 Habiba Muslim Beloved. Sweetheart. Darling.. F
16 Habibah Egyptian Loved. F
17 Habibah Muslim Variant of Habiba: Beloved. Sweetheart. Darling.. F
18 Habibe Turkish Turkish form of Habiba F
19 Habon Spanish This name means when everything comes together at the right time and the right place. Beautiful F
20 Habor Biblical A partaker, a companion. F
21 Habrok Norse High Pants F
22 Hacer Turkish Turkish form of Hagar F
23 Hachilah Biblical My hope is in her F
24 Hachimitsu Japanese Honey F
25 Hacire Turkish Turkish variant of Hajira F
26 Hada Spanish Fairy F
27 Hadadrimmon Biblical Invocation to the god Rimmon. F
28 Hadar Hebrew Splendour, Glory F
29 Hadara Hebrew Spectacular ornament. Adorned with beauty. F
30 Hadarah Hebrew Adorned with beauty. F
31 Hadas Hebrew Myrtle Tree F
32 Hadasa Hebrew Alternate Transcription of Hebrew Hadassah F
33 Hadashah Biblical News, a month. F
34 Hadass Yiddish Yentl F
35 Hadassah Persian Myrtle or bride. F
36 Hadassah Biblical Myrtle Tree F
37 Hadassah Hebrew Myrtle Tree F
38 Hadassah African From the myrtle tree F
39 Hadasse Yiddish German variant of Hadassah F
40 Hadda Norse Feminine Form of Haddr F
41 Hadda Scandinavian Feminine form of Haddr F
42 Hadeburg German Fortress F
43 Hadeburg Dutch Fortress F
44 Hadeline Dutch Feminine form of Hadelin F
45 Hadewig Dutch Warrior F
46 Hadewych Dutch Dutch form of Hedwig F
47 HADIA Arabic Alternate transcription of Arabic F
48 Hadid Biblical Rejoicing, sharp. F
49 HADIL Arabic cooing (of a pigeon) in Arabic F
50 Hadis Persian Story, Tale F
51 Hadiya African Gift (Swahili). F
52 Hadiya Muslim Guide to righteousness.. F
53 Hadiyah Muslim Variant of Hadiya: Guide to righteousness.. F
54 Hadiye Turkish Turkish Feminine form of Hadi F
55 Hadiyyah Muslim Gift.. F
56 Hadlai Biblical Loitering, hindering. F
57 Hadley English Field of heather. Surname. The name of Hemingway's first wife. F
58 Hadrach Biblical Point, joy of tenderness. F
59 Hadrea Latin Dark. F
60 Hadria Latin Dark. F
61 Hadriana Roman Feminine form of Hadrianus F
62 Hadu German Vigorous battle maiden. F
63 Hadumod German Mind, Spirit F
64 Haduwig German Strife. F
65 Hadwig Teutonic Refuge from battle. F
66 Hadya Arabic Well-behaved. F
67 Hadzuki Japanese Blade, Leaf, Needle F
68 Hae-Ju Korean Jewel, Pearl F
69 Hae-Oreum Korean Sun F
70 Haebinna Korean Sun F
71 Haebit Korean Variant of Haebit F
72 Haera Scandinavian Grey Hair F
73 Haesel English Nut. F
74 Haet-Byeol Korean Sun F
75 Haeun Korean Summer F
76 Haewon Korean Ocean F
77 Haf Welsh Summer F
78 Haf Celtic Summer F
79 Hafina Welsh Summer Season, Summer Time, Summer Days F
80 Hafina Celtic Summer Season, Summer Time, Summer Days F
81 Hafiza Indian Feminine form of Hafiz F
82 Hafize Turkish Turkish form of Hafsa F
83 Hafren Welsh Unknown F
84 Hafsa Muslim Cub. Young lioness.. F
85 Hafsah Egyptian Married to the prophet. F
86 Hafsah Muslim Wife of the Prophet Muhammad.. F
87 Hafthah Muslim Preserved. Protected.. F
88 Hafwen Welsh White; Fair; Blessed F
89 Hafwen Celtic White Fair Blessed F
90 HAFZA Arabic Alternate transcription of Arabic F
91 Hagab Biblical A grasshopper. F
92 Hagabah Biblical A grasshopper. F
93 Hagar Biblical A stranger, one that fears. F
94 Hagar Hebrew Forsaken. Flight. Famous bearer: the Old Testament maidservant of Sarah, wife of Abraham. F
95 Hagar Hungarian Flight F
96 Hagatha Hebrew Ambitious F
97 Haggiah Biblical The Lord's feast. F
98 Haggith Biblical Rejoicing. F
99 Hagika Japanese Bush Clover Flower F
100 Hagint Armenian Hyacinth F
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