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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
1 K-Ajaq NativeAmerican One Who Shines F
2 K.C. English Nickname for one with the initials K. C. Also a variant of the Irish name Casey, meaning: alert, vigorous. F

3 Ka Japanese Beautiful, Good F
4 Ka Shayla African-American Variant of Kashayla F
5 Ka-Akupe NativeAmerican Behind The Forest F
6 Ka-Kwet NativeAmerican Sea Star F
7 Kaa Czech Diminutive of Kateina F
8 Kaaba Czech Diminutive form of Kateina F
9 Kaai Japanese Summer F
10 Kaakajik NativeAmerican Form of Kakajik F
11 Kaalannguaq NativeAmerican Sweet, Dear F
12 Kaalat NativeAmerican Form of Karen F
13 Kaali Indian Variant of Kali F

14 Kaaliina NativeAmerican Form of Kalina F
15 Kaama Indian The Golden One F
16 Kaamada Indian Generous F
17 Kaanaana Hawaiian Black Magic F
18 Kaanchana Hinde Gold F
19 Kaapriella Finnish Finnish form of Gabriella F
20 Kaarat NativeAmerican Form of Karat F
21 Kaari Finnish Finnish and Estonian form of Kari F
22 Kaarin Finnish Finnish and Estonian form of Karin F
23 Kaarina Finnish Finnish form of Katherine F
24 Kaarna Finnish Bark of A Tree F
25 Kaashi Hinde Pilgrimage spot F
26 Kaat Dutch Short form of Katharina F
27 Kaataq NativeAmerican Form of Kautak F
28 Kaatje Dutch Dutch diminutive of Katherine F
29 Kaaukai Hawaiian The Seafarer F
30 Kaavia Indian Epic F
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