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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
1 Ma Portuguese Diminutive of Maria F
2 Ma Chinese Horse F

3 Ma'isah Muslim Walking with a proud swinging gait.. F
4 Ma'sma Muslim Innocent. Infallible.. F
5 Ma-Achah Biblical Variant Transcription of Maacah F
6 Ma-Akhah Biblical Form of Maacah F
7 Ma-Ome NativeAmerican Ice F
8 Maa Czech Diminutive of Marie F
9 Maa Finnish Country, Land, Earth, Ground F
10 Maa'sma Muslim Variant of Ma'sma: Innocent. Infallible.. F
11 Maacah Biblical To Press F
12 Maachah Biblical Form of Maacah F
13 Maachathi Biblical Broken. F

14 Maachi Japanese Dance F
15 Maadai Biblical Pleasant, testifying. F
16 Maahjabeen Muslim Variant of Mahjabin: Forehead. Moon.. F
17 Maai Biblical Belly, heaping up. F
18 Maaike African Rebellious woman F
19 Maaike Dutch Dutch diminutive of Maria F
20 Maajida Muslim Variant of Majida: Glorious. Powerful.. F
21 Maakah Biblical Variant transcription of Maacah F
22 Maako Japanese Love, Affection F
23 Maala Latin Form of Mahlah F
24 Maala Biblical Form of Mahlah F
25 Maalaviaq NativeAmerican Form of Malaviak F
26 Maale-akrabbim Biblical Ascent of scorpions. F
27 Maaliaanna NativeAmerican Form of Maliana F
28 Maan Finnish Earth F
29 Maanika Hinde Agemstone - Ruby F
30 Maaqujuk NativeAmerican Form of Makujuk F
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