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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
1 Na Japanese Apple Tree F
2 Na Chinese Elegant, Graceful, Delicate F

3 Na'ila Muslim Winner.. F
4 Na'ilah Muslim Acquirer. Obtainer. One who succeeds.. F
5 Na'ima Muslim Comfort. Happiness. Benefit. Tranquility. Peace.. F
6 Na'imah Muslim Variant of Na'ima: Comfort. Happiness. Benefit. Tranquility. Peace.. F
7 Na-Amah Biblical Form of Naamah F
8 Na-Eun Korean Kindness, Mercy F
9 Na-Omi Biblical Form of Naomi F
10 Na-Ye Korean Elegant, Graceful F
11 Na-Yeon Korean Beautiful F
12 Naa Czech Diminutive of Nadzda F
13 Naa'ila Muslim Variant of Na'ila: Winner.. F

14 Naadhira Muslim Variant of Nadhira: Blooming. Flourishing.. F
15 Naadiya Muslim Variant of Nadia: Caller. Announcer.. F
16 Naaheed Muslim Variant of Nahid: Elevated. Venus.. F
17 Naaja NativeAmerican Form of Nauja F
18 Naajannguaq NativeAmerican Form of Naujanguak F
19 Naaji'a Muslim Beneficial. Useful.. F
20 Naajia Muslim Variant of Najia: Free. Escaped.. F
21 Naala NativeAmerican Form of Nala F
22 Naama Hebrew Modern Hebrew Form of Naamah F
23 Naamah Hebrew Pleasant. F
24 Naamah Biblical Pleasant F
25 Naaman Biblical Beautiful; agreeable F
26 Naamit Hebrew Bird. F
27 Naarah Biblical Maiden F
28 Naarai Biblical Young person. F
29 Naasia Dutch Dutch and Finnish diminutive of Athanasia F
30 Naasia Greek Dutch and Finnish diminutive of Athanasia F
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