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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
121 Nadvala Indian One Covered With Reeds F
122 Nadwah Muslim Council.. F

123 Nadya Russian Hope. F
124 Nadya Slavic Hope. F
125 NADYA Arabic Alternate transcription of Arabic F
126 Nadyah African-American Variant of Nadia F
127 Nadyenka Russian Hope. F
128 Nadyenka Slavic Hope. F
129 Nadyne French Variant of Nadine F
130 Nadyuiska Slavic Hope. F
131 Nadzda Czech Czech form of Nadezhda F
132 Nadzia Polish Diminutive of Nadzieja F
133 Nadzieja Polish Hope F

134 Nadziejka Polish Diminutive of Nadzieja F
135 Nadzuna Japanese Vegetables, Greens F
136 Nae Japanese Favour, Benefit F
137 Naeemah Egyptian Benevolent. F
138 Naeko Japanese Picture, Painting F
139 Naelle French Feminine form of Nael F
140 Naema Swedish Variant of Naomi F
141 Naema Danish Variant of Naomi F
142 Naema Finnish Variant of Naomi F
143 Naema German Writer, Born F
144 Naemi Dutch Variant of Naomi F
145 Naemi German Variant of Naomi F
146 Naenia Roman incantation F
147 Naenie Latin Lamenting. F
148 Naep Thai Be Close To F
149 Naerthus Swedish Variant of Nerthus F
150 Naev Celtic Variant of Maeve F
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