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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
2221 Nusi Hungarian Graceful. F
2222 Nusim Yiddish Yiddish form of Nissim F

2223 Nusrat Persian Victory, Triumph F
2224 Nusrat Indian Victory, Triumph F
2225 Nusta Spanish Princess F
2226 Nut Egyptian Mythical sky goddess. F
2227 Nuta Rumanian Short from of Anuta F
2228 Nuta Sanskrit Commended F
2229 Nuta Indian Commended F
2230 Nutan Hinde New F
2231 Nutan Indian New F
2232 Nuti Rumanian Diminutive of Anuta F
2233 Nuttah NativeAmerican My heart (Algonquin). F

2234 Nuuanu Hawaiian Chilly Heights F
2235 Nuunni NativeAmerican Form of Nune F
2236 Nuunu NativeAmerican Form of Nuno F
2237 Nuvia Spanish Variant of Nubia F
2238 Nuvit Turkish Good News F
2239 Nuvua NativeAmerican The Journey Home F
2240 Nuzha Indian Variant transcription of Nuzhat F
2241 Nuzhah Muslim Pleasure trip. Excursion spot.. F
2242 Nweh Arabic Light. F
2243 Nwyvre Welsh Sky, Heaven, Firmament F
2244 Nwyvre Celtic Energy Vigour F
2245 Ny Asia African-American Variant spelling of Nyasha F
2246 Nyala African Similar to antelope F
2247 Nyani Sanskrit To Bring Back F
2248 Nyani Indian To Bring Back, Restore F
2249 Nyarai African Humble woman F
2250 Nyasia African Unclear F
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