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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
1 Oadira Muslim Powerful. Potent.. F
2 Oaisara Muslim Empress. Wife of Caesar.. F

3 Oamra Muslim The moon.. F
4 Oana Rumanian Rumanian Short from of Loana F
5 Oanell Celtic Energy Vigour F
6 Oanelle Celtic Variant of Oanez F
7 Oanelle French Variant of Oanez F
8 Oanellig Celtic Diminutive of Oanell F
9 Oanez Celtic Lamb F
10 Obelia Greek Pointed pillar. F
11 Obelia Spanish Variant of Obelne F
12 Obelie Greek Pointed pillar. F
13 Obeline French Spit, Nail, Rod, Pointed F

14 Obharnait Irish The color of olive. F
15 Obil Biblical That weeps, who deserves to be bewailed. F
16 Oceana Greek Form of Oceanus. In Greek mythology Oceanus was a Titan father of rivers and water nymphs. F
17 Oceana German Feminine form of Oceanus F
18 Oceanne French Variant of Oceane F
19 Ocia Polish Diminutive form of Otylia F
20 Ociroe Italian Italian form of Ocyrhoe F
21 Octavia Italian Born eighth. F
22 Octavia Latin Born Eighth. In the Roman Empire, Octavia was the sister of Octavian who was married to Mark Antony (as a political alliance). They were later divorced (in 32 BC). F
23 Octavia Shakespearean Antony and Cleopatra'. Sister to Caesar and wife to Mark Antony. F
24 Octavia African The eighth F
25 Octavia Roman Feminine form of Octavius F
26 Octavia Portuguese Portuguese form of Octavia F
27 Octaviana Latin Eighth. Feminine of Octavius. A clan name of Roman Emperors. F
28 Octaviana Roman Anciant Roman Feminine Form of Octavinus F
29 Octaviana Rumanian Anciant Roman feminine form of Octavianus F
30 Octavie Latin Born eighth. F
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