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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
1 Paaie Celtic Unknown F
2 Paajoq NativeAmerican Form of Pajok F

3 Paamiu NativeAmerican Form of Pamio F
4 Paannaq NativeAmerican Form of Pangnak F
5 Paara NativeAmerican Form of Para F
6 Paarma NativeAmerican Variant of Paarnaq F
7 Paarmiu NativeAmerican Form of Parmio F
8 Paarnannguaq NativeAmerican Berry F
9 Paarnaq NativeAmerican Berry, Fruit F
10 Paarth Indian Unknown F
11 Paavarasi Indian Queen of Songs F
12 Pabla Spanish Little. F
13 Pace Italian Peace F

14 Paciencia Spanish Patient. F
15 Pacificacion Spanish Pacification, Creating Peace F
16 Pacita Spanish Diminutive of Maria F
17 Pacquita Latin Free. F
18 Padan-aram Biblical Cultivated field or table-land. F
19 Paddy Latin Diminutive of Patricia: Noble. St. Patricia was a 7th century patron saint of Naples. F
20 Paderau Welsh Beads F
21 Paderau Celtic Beads F
22 Padimni Hinde Lotus, Goddess Lakshmi F
23 Padma Hindi Lotus flower. F
24 Padma Indian Lotus. F
25 Padma Indian Lotus F
26 Padmagriha Indian One Who Lives in A Lotus F
27 Padmaja Hinde Born Of A Lotus F
28 Padmajai Indian One Who Was Born from Lotus F
29 Padmakali Indian Lotus Bud F
30 Padmakalyani Hinde Name of a Raga F
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