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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
1 Qadira African Full of power F
2 Qaifa Indian Estimator F

3 QAMAR Arabic moon in Arabic F
4 Qamya NativeAmerican Pale F
5 Qanak NativeAmerican Form of Kanak F
6 Qarawi Maori Song F
7 Qarawi NativeAmerican Song F
8 Qartuat NativeAmerican Form of Kartuvat F
9 Qasaloq NativeAmerican Form of Kasalok F
10 Qawari NativeAmerican Song F
11 Qayla African-American Variant of Kayla F
12 Qepparmiu NativeAmerican One Who Roams in The Middle F
13 Qeturah Hebrew Incense. F

14 Qhispe NativeAmerican Variant of Qhispi F
15 Qhispi NativeAmerican Freedom, Free F
16 Qhora NativeAmerican Variant of Qura F
17 Qia Chinese Just, Exactly, Precisely F
18 Qiana African Soft, silky F
19 Qianchun Chinese Thousand F
20 Qiang Chinese Rose F
21 Qiangwei Chinese Rose F
22 Qiangying Chinese Qiangying Means Tough In Chinese F
23 Qianhuang Chinese Wilderness, Wasteland F
24 Qianna African-American Variant of Qiana F
25 Qianru Chinese Beautiful, Elegant F
26 Qiao Chinese Skillful F
27 Qieluo Chinese Net For Catching Birds F
28 Qila NativeAmerican She, Who Is Asking The Spirits F
29 Qimmiq NativeAmerican Dog F
30 Qing Chinese Blue, Green, Young F
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