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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
1 Sa'diah Muslim Luck. Good fortune.. F
2 Sa'diyya Muslim Variant of Sa'diah: Luck. Good fortune.. F

3 Sa'eeda Muslim Variant of Sa'ida: Happy. Lucky.. F
4 Sa'ida Muslim Happy. Lucky.. F
5 Saabira Muslim Variant of Sabirah: Patient. Enduring.. F
6 Saadet Turkish Happiness F
7 Saadia Hebrew Supported God F
8 Saadiqa Muslim Variant of Sadiqa: Truthful. Sincere.. F
9 Saadiya Indian Form of Sa'dia F
10 Saaga Finnish Finnish form of Saga F
11 Saagnika Indian Fiery, Passionate, With Fire F
12 Saahithi Indian One Who Is Good At literature F
13 Saaim Muslim Variant of Sayyam: Fasting.. F

14 Saaleha Muslim Variant of Salihah: Good. Useful. Correct. Agreeable. Pious.. F
15 Saamara Sanskrit Battle, War F
16 Saamik NativeAmerican Left Hand F
17 Saana Finnish From the name of a mountain in northern Finland F
18 Saanjh Indian Togetherness F
19 Saanjh Hindu Evening F
20 Saanvi Hindu Goddess Laxmi F
21 Saanvi Indian Lakshmi Devi Goddess F
22 Saanz Indian Evening Twilight F
23 Saar Dutch Dutch short form of Sarah F
24 Saar Hawaiian Original Hebrew Form of Saar F
25 Saara Finnish Finnish form of Sarah F
26 Saaraa Muslim Variant of Sara: Pure. Happy.. F
27 Saarannguaq NativeAmerican Form of Saranguak F
28 Saaraq NativeAmerican Form of Sarak F
29 Saarfriede German Feminine form of Saarfried F
30 Saartjie Dutch Diminutive of Sara F
31 Saaru Hebrew Princess F
32 Saatvika Hindu Calm F
33 Saavi Indian Unique Flower F
34 Saavini Indian Born In Saavan F
35 Saba Polish Polish and German short form of Sabina F
36 Saba Greek From Sheba. F
37 Saba Muslim Eastern wind.. F
38 Saba German Croatian, Polish and German short form of Sabina F
39 Saba Polish Croatian, Polish and German short form of Sabina F
40 Saba Hungarian Oath F
41 Sabaa Muslim Variant of Saba: Eastern wind.. F
42 Sabah African Forenoon F
43 Sabah Turkish Morning F
44 Sabah Egyptian Born in the morning. F
45 Sabana Spanish From the open plain. F
46 Sabata Italian Feminine form of Sabato F
47 Sabatina Italian Diminutive of Sabata F
48 Sabbitha Indian Variant of Sabitha F
49 Sabcia Polish Polish diminutive of Sabina F
50 Sabe German Bernese German form of Sabrina F
51 Sabeans Biblical Captivity, conversion, old age. F
52 Sabedda Italian Diminutive of Isabedda F
53 Sabeeha Muslim Variant of Sabiha: Forenoon. Beautiful.. F
54 Sabeen Indian Follower of Another Religion F
55 Sabella African Promise of God F
56 Sabelle French Truncated form of Isabelle F
57 Sabeth German Short form of Elisabeth F
58 Sabha Irish A West Connacht variant of Sadhabh F
59 Sabha Celtic A West Connacht variant of Sadhbh F
60 Sabien Dutch Dutch form of Sabina F
61 Sabiha Muslim Forenoon. Beautiful.. F
62 Sabiha Turkish Beautiful F
63 Sabijn Dutch Dutch form of both Sabinus F
64 Sabina Czech A Sabine F
65 Sabina Swedish a Sabine F
66 Sabina Portuguese A Sabine F
67 Sabina Rumanian A Sabine F
68 Sabina Latin A Sabine. From an ancient Roman tribe name, Sabinus. F
69 Sabina Russian A Sabine. F
70 Sabina Spanish A Sabine. F
71 Sabina Polish A Sabine F
72 Sabinchen German German diminutive of Sabine F
73 Sabine Dutch French, German, Dutch and Danish form of Sabina F
74 Sabine Latin A Sabine. From an ancient Roman tribe name, Sabinus. F
75 Sabine German French, German, Dutch and Danish form of Sabina F
76 Sabine Danish French, German, Dutch And Danish Form of Sabina F
77 Sabinka Czech Diminutive of Sabina F
78 Sabira Indian Patient, Steadfast F
79 Sabirah Arabic Of great patience. F
80 Sabirah Muslim Patient. Enduring.. F
81 Sabita Indian Bengali, Odia And Assamese Form of Savita F
82 Sabitha Indian Beautiful Sunshine F
83 Sabitri Indian Odia, Bengali, Assamese and Nepali form of Savitri F
84 Sabra African Sabra cactus F
85 Sabra Hebrew To rest. F
86 Sabria Latin From Cyprus. F
87 Sabriina Finnish Finnish form of Sabrina F
88 Sabrina English Legendary princess. F
89 Sabrina Italian From the border. F
90 Sabrina Latin From Cyprus, or from the river Severn. In British legend, Sabrina was the illegitimate daughter of the King of Britain and was drowned in the river by her father's ex-wife. F
91 Sabrina German Unknown F
92 Sabrina Indian To Be Patient F
93 Sabrine French French form of Sabrina F
94 Sabrine Arabic Princess F
95 Sabriye Turkish Turkish form of Sabriyya F
96 SABRIYYA Arabic Feminine form of SABRI F
97 Sabtechah Biblical That surrounds, that causes wounding. F
98 Sacagawea African Dragging a boat F
99 Sacha Sanskrit Near, at Hand, Together, in Presence of, in, By F
100 Sacha Russian Russian feminine variant of Alexander: Defender of men. F
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