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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
1 Ta African-American Starting With Ta F
2 Taahira Muslim Variant of Tahirah: Pure. Chaste.. F

3 Taaj Muslim Variant of Taj: Crown.. F
4 Taalika Indian Calm, Nightingale F
5 Taami Indian Night F
6 Taami Sanskrit Night F
7 Taanach Biblical Who humbles thee, who answers thee. F
8 Taanach-shilo Biblical Breaking down a fig-tree. F
9 Taantha Indian Music F
10 Taaraka Indian Star, Meteor F
11 Taarini Indian She Who Frees F
12 Taava Finnish A short form of Kustaava F
13 Tabassom Persian Persian form of Tabassum F

14 TABASSUM Arabic smiling in Arabic F
15 Tabata Spanish Spanish variant of Tabitha F
16 Tabbath Biblical Good, goodness. F
17 Tabby Aramaic Diminutive of Tabitha: Gazelle. F
18 Tabby African Like a gazelle F
19 Tabea German German short form of Tabitha F
20 Taberah Biblical Burning. F
21 Tabia Egyptian Talented. F
22 Tabiana Portuguese Possibly a corruption of Tabitha F
23 Tabita Hungarian Hungarian form of Tabitha F
24 Tabita Hebrew Variant of Tabitha F
25 Tabita Latin Latin form of Tabitha F
26 Tabitha Aramaic Gazelle. The gazelle was anciently regarded as a symbolr of graceful beauty. F
27 Tabitha Greek GazeIle. Beauty, grace. From the Aramaic word for Gazelle. F
28 Tabitha African Like a gazelle F
29 Tabitha Hebrew Gazelle F
30 Tabitha Biblical Gazelle F
31 Tabitha Biblical Gazelle F
32 Tabitta Finnish Finnish form of Tabitha F
33 Tablita NativeAmerican Tiara (Hopi). F
34 Tabor Biblical Choice, purity, bruising. F
35 Tabora Spanish Plays a small drum. F
36 Taborri NativeAmerican Voice That Carries F
37 Tacey Latin Silent; hushed. F
38 Tacha Spanish Mark F
39 Tachatuhi Armenian Feminine form of the Old Amerian name Tachat F
40 Tacia Portuguese Portuguese and Hungarian form of Tatia F
41 Tacia Hungarian Portuguese and Hungarian form of Tatia F
42 Taciana Hungarian Hungarian Feminine Form of Tatianus F
43 Taciana Spanish Spanish form of Tatian F
44 Tacira Portuguese Cutting Weapon F
45 Tacita Latin Silent. F
46 Tacita Roman Feminine form of Tacitus F
47 Tacjana Polish Variant of Tatiana F
48 Tacjanna Polish Variant of Tacjana F
49 Tacoula Greek Variant transcription of Tasoula F
50 Tacy English Silence. Also an abbreviation of Anastacia. F
51 Tacy Latin Silence. Also an abbreviation of Anastacia. F
52 Tadashia African-American Possibly A Form of Dasha F
53 Taddea Italian Feminine form of Taddeo F
54 Tadea Spanish Spanish feminine form of Tadeo F
55 Tadea Polish Polish feminine form of Tadeo F
56 Tadjana Dutch Dutch variant spelling of Tatjana F
57 Tadmor Biblical The palm-tree, bitterness. F
58 Tadsawan Thai Alternate transcription of Thatsawan F
59 Tae Chinese Variant of Tai F
60 Tae Japanese Many, Much F
61 Tae-Ha Korean Great, Grand F
62 Tae-Hui Korean Big, Great F
63 Tae-Ri Korean Benefit, Advantage F
64 Tae-Yeon Korean Beautiful F
65 Tae-Yeong Korean Reflect Light F
66 Taeko Japanese Favour, Benefit F
67 Taeng Thai Melon F
68 Taenga Maori Arrival F
69 Taengmo Thai Watermelon F
70 Taevy Cambodian Angel Angelic F
71 Taeyeon Korean Groups Girls F
72 Tafeta African-American From The English Word For The Woven Fabric F
73 Tafv NativeAmerican Feather F
74 Taga Swedish Feminine form of Tage F
75 Tagayacte Spanish Farmer F
76 Tagil Hebrew Making It Relative To Yagil F
77 Taguhi Armenian Queen F
78 Tah-Wee-Nah NativeAmerican Unknown F
79 Tahani Arabic Best Wishes F
80 Tahapenes Biblical Secret temptation. F
81 Tahath Biblical Fear, going down. F
82 Taheerah African-American Variant of Tahira F
83 Tahel Hebrew You Will Shine F
84 Tahere Persian Persian Feminine Form of Tahir F
85 Tahereh Persian Persian form of Tahira F
86 Tahiel Spanish Variant of Taiel F
87 Tahiel NativeAmerican Variant of Taiel F
88 Tahira Indian Feminine form of Tahir F
89 Tahirah Arabic Virginal. F
90 Tahirah Egyptian Pristine. F
91 Tahirah Muslim Pure. Chaste.. F
92 Tahire Turkish Turkish feminine form of Tahir F
93 Tahiya Indian Bengali form of Tahia F
94 Tahiyya Muslim Greeting. Cheer.. F
95 Tahki NativeAmerican Cold (Algonquin). F
96 Tahlesha African-American Variant of Talisha F
97 Tahleyah African-American Possibly A Variant of Thalia F
98 Tahlia Hebrew Lamb; lambkin. Also an abbreviation of Natalia. F
99 Tahmina Indian Strong, Brave, Valiant F
100 Tahmineh Persian Modern Persian form of Tahmina F
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