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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
1 Ua Thai Charitable, Kind F
2 Uadjit Egyptian Mythical cobra goddess. F

3 Uaichai Thai Victory F
4 Uaing Chinese Min Bei Form of Fan F
5 Uainin Irish Little Lamb F
6 Uainin Celtic Little Lamb F
7 Ualani Hawaiian Rain From Heaven F
8 Uald Norse Ruler. F
9 Uald Teutonic Brave. F
10 Ualda Teutonic Brave. F
11 Uana Rumanian This name is rarely used. It is a variation of Oana F
12 Uatchit Egyptian Another form of Hathor. F
13 Uathach Irish Terrible Dreadful F

14 Ubalda Italian Feminine form of Ubaldo F
15 Ubalda Portuguese Feminine form of Ubaldo F
16 Ubalda Spanish Feminine form of Ubaldo F
17 Ubika Indian Growth F
18 Ubol Thai Alternate transcription of Ubon F
19 Ubon African Lotus flower F
20 Ubon Thai Lotus F
21 Ucgul Turkish Clover F
22 Uchima-kali Indian Name of An Hindu Goddess F
23 Uchu Japanese Universe, Cosmos F
24 Uda German Probably A Feminine Form of Udo F
25 Udane Basque Summer F
26 Udaranga Indian One With A Beautiful Body F
27 Udbala Indian Strong F
28 Udel Yiddish noble F
29 Udela Anglo-Saxon Wealthy. F
30 Udela German Udela is A Variant of The Given Name Odilia F
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