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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
1 Vaagdevi Indian This is one of Saraswati's F
2 Vaagiswari Hindu It Is One of Saraswati's F

3 Vaanya Hindu Idle daughter F
4 Vaëa French Unknown F
5 Vabna Indian Imagination F
6 Vac Indian Well spoken. F
7 Vach Indian Well spoken. F
8 Vachina English Variant of Vachina F
9 Vaclava Czech Czech feminine form of Vaclav F
10 Vacuna Latin Victory. F
11 Vada African Wiseness F
12 Vadelma Finnish Raspberry F
13 Vadhana Indian Bright Star F

14 Vadit Hebrew Rose. F
15 Vadune Rumanian sorcerer F
16 Vaduny Slavic witch, sorceress F
17 Vadvirag Hungarian Flower F
18 Vadvirga Hungarian Flower F
19 Vaerginia Roman Variant of Virginia F
20 Vaetild Norse Mother of the Skraeling children. F
21 Vaetilda Norse Mother of the Skraeling children. F
22 Vaetildr Scandinavian Probably an Old Norse form of an unknown Algonquin or Beothuk name F
23 Vafara French Brave. F
24 Vahagn Armenian Breaking Of Defense, Victory F
25 Vahide Turkish Turkish feminine form of Wahid F
26 Vaia Greek From the Egyptian word referring to the palm branch F
27 Vaida Lithuanian To Haunt F
28 Vaidauge Lithuanian Feminine form of Vaidaugas F
29 Vaidehi Hindu Sita F
30 Vaidginte Lithuanian Feminine form of Vaidilas F
31 Vaidilute Lithuanian Priestess F
32 Vaidmante Lithuanian Feminine form of Vaidmantas F
33 Vaidmine Lithuanian Feminine form of Vaidminas F
34 Vaidota Lithuanian Variant form of Vaidote F
35 Vaidute Lithuanian Diminutive of Feminine Given Names F
36 Vaidvile Lithuanian Feminine form of Vaidvilas F
37 Vaiga Hindu Godess Parvathi F
38 Vaigaile Lithuanian Feminine form of Vaigailas F
39 Vaigaude Lithuanian Feminine form of Vaigaudas F
40 Vaigede Lithuanian Feminine form of Vaigedas F
41 Vaiginte Lithuanian Feminine form of Vaigintas F
42 Vaigirde Lithuanian Feminine form of Vaigirdas F
43 Vaijayanti Hindu A garland of lord vishnu F
44 Vailet Swedish Swedish Phonetic Spelling of Violet F
45 Vainavi Hindu Gold F
46 Vaingede Lithuanian Feminine form of Vaingedas F
47 Vainora Lithuanian Variant form of Vainor F
48 Vainore Lithuanian Feminine form of Vainoras F
49 Vairi Scottish Variant of Mhairi F
50 Vairocana Hindu King Of The Demons F
51 Vaisakhi Hindu Auspicious day F
52 Vaisgirde Lithuanian Feminine form of Vaisgirdas F
53 Vaishali Indian Transferred use of the surname Vaishali F
54 Vaishali Hindu Name of an ancient city F
55 Vaishavi Hindu Goddess parvati F
56 Vaishnavi Indian Belonging To Vishnu F
57 Vaishnavi Hindu Goddess durga, ganga, tulsi F
58 Vaismante Lithuanian Feminine form of Vaismantas F
59 Vaisnore Lithuanian Feminine form of Vaisnoras F
60 Vaistaute Lithuanian Feminine form of Vaistautas F
61 VAISVYDE Lithuanian Feminine form of VAIŠVYDAS F
62 Vaitaute Lithuanian Feminine form of Vaitautis F
63 Vaitvile Lithuanian Feminine form of Vaitvilas F
64 Vaivoryksta Lithuanian Rainbow F
65 Vajada Sanskrit Bestowing Vigour or Speed F
66 Vajra Indian Diamond; Thunderbolt F
67 Vajra Hindu Diamond, durga F
68 Vakare Lithuanian Evening F
69 Val Latin Brave. F
70 Vala Welsh Chosen. F
71 Vala Swedish Short form of names containing the Old Norse name element valr F
72 Vala Czech Diminutive of Valerie F
73 Valaida African-American A known bearer is jazz musician Valaida Snow F
74 Valantin Armenian Armenian form of Valentina F
75 Valantine French Picard form of Valentine F
76 Valari Latin Brave. F
77 Valarie Latin Brave. F
78 Valasca Slavic a famous bearer of this name is Valasca F
79 Valborg Finnish Scandinavian form of Walburga F
80 Valborg Swedish Scandinavian form of Walburga F
81 Valborg Danish Scandinavian form of Walburga F
82 Valborga German Protecting ruler. F
83 Valburga Hungarian Ruler of The Fortress F
84 Valburge French French form of Walburga F
85 Valchira Italian Italian cognate of Valkyrie F
86 Valda German Power; rule. F
87 Valda Norse Rules. F
88 Valda Teutonic Spirited in war. F
89 Valda African Powerful ruler F
90 Valdetrude Italian Italian form of Waltrude F
91 Valdetrudis Spanish Latin and Spanish form of Waltrude F
92 Valdine Finnish First And Foremost Valdemar F
93 Valdine Swedish First And Foremost Valdemar F
94 Valdinia Finnish An old Karelian name, possibly a feminine form of Waldemar F
95 Valdis Norse Daughter of Thorbrand. F
96 Valdis Danish Younger form of Valdís F
97 Valdis Swedish Younger form of Valdis F
98 Valdislava Slavic Glorious ruler. F
99 Vale Spanish Diminutive of Valentino F
100 Vale Lithuanian Lithuanian Diminutive of the Given Name Valerija F
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