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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
1 Waangthoi Indian Great Winner F
2 Wabiba Muslim Variant of Wahibah: Giver. Donor.. F

3 Wachilda Anglo-Saxon Foreigner, Celt, Slave F
4 Wachira Thai Lightning Bolt F
5 Waclawa Polish Feminine form of Waclaw F
6 Waen Thai Circle, Hoop, Ring F
7 Wafa' Muslim Faithfulness.. F
8 Wafeeqah Muslim Variant of Wafiqah: Successful.. F
9 Wafiqah Muslim Successful.. F
10 WAFIYA Arabic Feminine form of WAFI F
11 Wafiyyah Muslim Loyal. Faithful.. F
12 Wagna Danish Variant of Vagna F
13 Wah Chinese Good Looking F

14 Waheeda Muslim Variant of Wahidah: Sole. Single.. F
15 Waheefa Muslim Variant of Wahifa: Servant. Lady-in-waiting.. F
16 Wahibah Muslim Giver. Donor.. F
17 Wahida Muslim Variant of Wahidah: Sole. Single.. F
18 Wahidah Muslim Sole. Single.. F
19 Wahifa Muslim Servant. Lady-in-waiting.. F
20 Wahya NativeAmerican Wolf F
21 Wai Chinese Great F
22 Wai Hawaiian Water F
23 Waiko Japanese Child F
24 Wailani Hawaiian Heavenly Water F
25 Wailele Hawaiian Means Waterfall F
26 Waimarie Maori Good Luck F
27 Waimi Japanese Feathers F
28 Waiola African Violet flower F
29 Waiola Hawaiian Life F
30 Waitara Maori Mountain Stream F
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