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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
1 Ya Cornish Variant of Ia F
2 Ya Celtic Variant of Ia F

3 Ya Chinese Elegant, Graceful, Refined F
4 Ya akove Hebrew Replaces. F
5 Ya el Hebrew Goat. F
6 Ya-Jiang Chinese Combination of Ya And Jiang F
7 Yaa Japanese Universally F
8 Yaalom Hebrew Dimond F
9 Yaaqoo' Muslim Variant of Yaqu': Hyacinth. Sapphire.. F
10 Yaara Hebrew Honeycomb F
11 Yaarit Hebrew Variant Form of Yaara F
12 Yaasmeen Muslim Variant of Yasmin: Jasmine flower.. F
13 Yaasmin Muslim Variant of Yasmin: Jasmine flower.. F

14 Yabel Latin Lovable. F
15 Yachay NativeAmerican Know, Take Notice F
16 Yache Yiddish Short form of Yachet F
17 Yachet Yiddish Some Link This Name to a Pet form of Yocheved F
18 Yachie Japanese Favour, Blessing F
19 Yachiha Japanese Increasingly F
20 Yachiho Japanese Eight F
21 Yachika Japanese Flower F
22 Yachiko Japanese Eight F
23 Yachin Biblical Form of Jachin F
24 Yachin Hebrew Hebrew Form of Jachin F
25 Yachiru Japanese Eight Thousand Flows F
26 Yachiyo Japanese Night, Evening F
27 Yachna Hebrew Perhaps A Feminine Form of Yachin F
28 Yachne Hebrew Kind. F
29 Yachne Polish Gracious. F
30 Yada Thai Philosopher, Scholar F
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