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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
301 Yedidah Biblical Form of Jedidah F
302 Yedra Spanish Directly taken from Spanish Yedra F

303 Yefrosiniya Russian Russian form of Euphrosyne F
304 Yegane Turkish Turkish form of Yeganeh F
305 Yeganeh Persian Unique F
306 Yeghisapet Armenian Armenian form of Elizabeth F
307 Yeghnig Armenian Hind; Red Deer F
308 Yehadit Hebrew Variant of Yehudit F
309 Yehosheva Biblical Form of Jehosheba F
310 Yehudis Yiddish Yiddish form of Yehudit F
311 Yehudit Hebrew Praise. F
312 Yehudit Biblical Form of Judith F
313 Yeimy Spanish Spanish form of Jamie F

314 Yekaterina African Chaste, pure F
315 Yekaterina Russian Russian form of Katherine F
316 Yelda Turkish Turkish form of Yalda F
317 Yeleana Spanish Variant of Ileana F
318 Yelena African Torch of light F
319 Yelena Russian Russian form of Helen F
320 Yelenka Russian Diminutive of Yelena F
321 Yelitza Spanish Being, Essence F
322 Yelizaveta Russian Russian form of Elizabeth: consecrated to God. F
323 Yelizaveta African Promise of God F
324 Yelizaveta Russian Russian form of Elizabeth F
325 Yelizavetam Hebrew Devoted to God. F
326 Yelka German Variant of Jelka F
327 Yelka Dutch Variant of Jelka. F
328 Yelka Spanish Variant of Jelka F
329 Yella German Variant of Jella F
330 Yellie Spanish Variant of Yellow F
331 Yellowyn Cornish Variant of Elowen F
332 Yelva Danish Danish Adoption of A Short Form of The Russian Name Yelizaveta F
333 Yelysaveta Hebrew Devoted to God. F
334 Yelysaveta Ukrainian Ukrainian form of Elizabeth: devoted to God. F
335 Yem Hebrew Life. F
336 Yemena Turkish Beautiful F
337 Yemi Spanish Variant of Yeimy F
338 Yemima Biblical Form of Jemima F
339 Yemima African Warm like a dove F
340 Yemima Hebrew Hebrew form of Jemima F
341 Yemina Hebrew Right Hand F
342 Yemina Spanish Right Hand F
343 Yemine Danish Variant of Jemine F
344 Yen Vietnamese calm, peaceful F
345 Yenene NativeAmerican Shaman F
346 Yeni Spanish Diminutive of Maria F
347 Yeniay Turkish New Moon F
348 Yenisei Sanskrit Unaccented variant Yenisei F
349 Yenisei Spanish Derived From Place Name Yenisei F
350 Yenisey Spanish More Commonly Used Variant of Yenisei F
351 Yenna Korean Mine F
352 Yenni Finnish Variant of Jenni F
353 Yennifer Welsh White Fairy F
354 Yenningtambi Indian Feminine form of Yenningtamba F
355 Yennis Chinese Variant of Tennis F
356 Yenny Spanish Peace F
357 Yenovefa Greek Greek form of Genevieve F
358 Yenthe Dutch Variant of Jente F
359 Yeo-Jin Korean Beautiful F
360 Yeo-Ui Korean Shallow, Rapids F
361 Yeon-A Korean Elegant, Graceful F
362 Yeon-Mi Korean Beautiful F
363 Yeon-U Korean Beautiful F
364 Yeong Korean Flower, Petal, Brave, Hero F
365 Yeong-Hui Korean Flower, Petal F
366 Yeong-Ja Korean Flower, Petal, Brave F
367 Yeong-Ji Korean Knowledge, Intelligence F
368 Yeong-Ju Korean Beautiful Girl F
369 Yeong-Mi Korean Beautiful, Pretty, Pleasing F
370 Yeong-Suk Korean Good, Purev F
371 Yeoreum Korean Summer F
372 Yeori Korean Beautiful F
373 Yepa NativeAmerican Snow woman. F
374 Yeppeum Korean Pretty, Lovely, Beautiful F
375 Yeppeun Korean Pretty, Lovely, Beautiful F
376 Yeprosineh Armenian Armenian form of Euphrosyne F
377 Yera Basque Reference to the Virgin Mary. F
378 Yeraldine Spanish Hispanic Variant of Geraldine F
379 Yeranig Armenian Happy, Blessed F
380 Yeranik Armenian Variant transcription of Yeranig F
381 Yeranuhi Armenian Happy, Blessed, Fortunate F
382 Yeraz Armenian Dream F
383 Yerazig Armenian Diminutive of Yeraz F
384 Yerazik Armenian Dream F
385 Yerazuhi Armenian Dream F
386 Yerchanguhi Armenian From the Armenian Yerchanig F
387 Yerchanig Armenian Happy, Lucky, Fortunate F
388 Yerjanik Armenian Variant transcription of Yerchanig F
389 Yermioniya Ukrainian Ukrainian form of Hermione F
390 Yerter Armenian Variant of Esther F
391 Yerusha Indian Belong To Someone F
392 Yerushah Biblical Form of Jerusha F
393 Yesenia Spanish The Gypsy title character of a Spanish soap opera from the 1970s. F
394 Yeseniya Russian Russian form of Yesenia F
395 Yesfir African Star-like F
396 Yesfir Russian Russian form of Esther F
397 Yesha Indian Fame, Praise, Glory F
398 Yesika Spanish Anglicized Form of Yesica F
399 Yesim Turkish Jade F
400 Yesmin Hebrew Bengali Form of Yasmin F
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