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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
801 Yuma Japanese Play F
802 Yumako Japanese Child F

803 Yumbalkhangbi Indian She Who Knows How To Look After The Home F
804 Yumea Japanese Exist F
805 Yumeha Japanese Dream F
806 Yumeka Japanese Love, Affection F
807 Yumekako Japanese Come True F
808 Yumeko Japanese Dream F
809 Yumemi Japanese Fullness, Satisfy F
810 Yumemiko Japanese Dream F
811 Yumemu Japanese Dream F
812 Yumena Japanese Vegetables, Greens F
813 Yumeno Japanese Dream F

814 Yumeyo Japanese Dream F
815 Yumi Japanese Reason F
816 Yumia Japanese Archery Bow F
817 Yumie Japanese Love, Affection F
818 Yumiho Japanese Evening F
819 Yumiki Japanese Beautiful F
820 Yumiko Japanese Arrow child. F
821 Yumileidy Spanish From English You F
822 Yumin Japanese Tomorrow F
823 Yumin Chinese People, Citizens F
824 Yumina Japanese Apple Tree F
825 Yumina Japanese Archery Bow F
826 Yumino Japanese Archery Bow F
827 Yumio Japanese Archery Bow F
828 Yumire Japanese Archery Bow F
829 Yumn Muslim Good fortune. Success.. F
830 Yun Chinese Allow, Consent F
831 Yun-A Korean Soft, Sleek F
832 Yun-Hui Korean Bright F
833 Yun-Hye Korean Bright, Intelligent F
834 Yun-Hyeong Korean Govern, Oversee F
835 Yun-Ji Korean To Allow F
836 Yun-Seo Korean Allow, Consent F
837 Yun-Su Korean Faith, Belief F
838 Yuna Ukrainian Ukrainian Rare F
839 Yuna Korean Kindness F
840 Yuna Celtic Probably a Breton form of Una F
841 Yuna Chinese Combination of Yu And Na F
842 Yunai Chinese Combination of Yun And Ai F
843 Yunako Japanese Rich F
844 Yunan Chinese Combination of Yun And An F
845 Yung Chinese Hakka Chinese Form of Rong F
846 Yung-Ae Korean Flower, Petal F
847 Yuni Sanskrit Connection, Union F
848 Yuni Indian Connection, Union F
849 Yunisleidy Spanish Combination of Yuni F
850 Yuniya Russian Russian form of Junia F
851 Yunjia Chinese Good, Fine F
852 Yuno Japanese Variant transcription of Yuuno F
853 Yunoka Japanese Grapefruit, Pomelo F
854 Yunon Japanese Dream F
855 Yunona Russian Russian form of Juno F
856 Yunya French Unknown F
857 Yuo Korean Flower F
858 Yupha Thai Beautiful Woman F
859 Yuphin Thai Beautiful Woman F
860 Yuping Chinese Level, Even, Peaceful F
861 Yur Korean Cloud F
862 Yura Japanese Good F
863 Yura NativeAmerican Beautiful F
864 Yurac NativeAmerican White F
865 Yurajayi Sanskrit Crown Princess F
866 Yurako Japanese Good F
867 Yurami Japanese Beautiful F
868 Yuraqmayu NativeAmerican White River F
869 Yurdagul Turkish Home F
870 Yurdanur Turkish Light F
871 Yurena Spanish Demon, Evil Spirit F
872 Yureymi Spanish The will of the God of light F
873 Yuri NativeAmerican Dawn F
874 Yuri Japanese Village F
875 Yuria Japanese Second, Asia F
876 Yuridia Spanish Unknown F
877 Yurie Japanese Lily F
878 Yuriha Japanese Leaf F
879 Yurika Japanese Tie, Bind, Contract F
880 Yurikako Japanese Child F
881 Yuriko Japanese Lily child, or village of birth. F
882 Yurim Korean Forest F
883 Yurime Japanese Bud, Sprout, Shoot F
884 Yurime Japanese Benefit; Advantage F
885 Yurin Japanese Bell, Chime F
886 Yurina Japanese Vegetable, Greens F
887 Yurine Japanese Bell, Chime F
888 Yuriri Japanese Gentleness, Lithe, Superior F
889 Yurisa Japanese Exist F
890 Yurisleidy Spanish Combination of Leidy F
891 Yuriyo Japanese World, Society F
892 Yusa Japanese Sand F
893 Yusaka Japanese Beautiful, Good F
894 Yusano Japanese Gauze, Thin Silk F
895 Yusheng Chinese House, Building F
896 Yusra Muslim Proper name.. F
897 YUSRA Arabic wealth ease in Arabic F
898 Yustina African Fair, rightful F
899 Yustina Russian Russian form of Justina F
900 Yusurako Japanese Cherry F
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