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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
1 Zaahida Muslim Variant of Zahida: Hermit. Ascetic.. F
2 Zaanannim Biblical Movings, a person asleep. F

3 Zabana Persian Flame As of a Candle F
4 Zabava Russian cheerful, funny F
5 Zabava Slavic cheerful, funny F
6 Zabel Armenian Armenian form of Isabel F
7 Zabel Indian Konkani Form of Elizabeth F
8 Zabeth French Short form of Elizabeth F
9 Zabina Danish Variant of Sabina F
10 Zabine Danish Variant of Zabina F
11 Zabou French Diminutive of Isabelle F
12 Zabrina English Form of Sabrina: a princess. F
13 Zaccai Biblical Pure meat, just. F

14 Zacharenia Greek Greek feminine form of Zacharias F
15 Zacharine German Feminine form of Zechariah F
16 Zacharoula Greek Greek feminine form of Zacharias F
17 Zada Arabic Huntress; fortunate. F
18 Zada Hungarian To Increase F
19 Zadgaile Lithuanian Feminine form of Zadgailas F
20 Zadmante Lithuanian Feminine form of Zadmantas F
21 Zadmine Lithuanian Feminine form of Zadminas F
22 Zadorka Hungarian Violent F
23 Zadvaine Lithuanian Feminine form of Zadvainas F
24 Zadvile Lithuanian Feminine form of Zadvilas F
25 Zadvyde Lithuanian Feminine form of Zadvydas F
26 Zaea Indian Beauty F
27 Zaerle Yiddish German Yiddish diminutive of Sarah F
28 Zafeiroula Greek Feminine form of Zafeiris F
29 Zaffiria Italian Feminine form of Zaffiro F
30 Zafira Hungarian Sapphire F
31 Zafirah Arabic Victory. F
32 Zafirah Muslim Victorious. Success.. F
33 Zafiris Greek Sapphire F
34 Zafiro Spanish Sapphire F
35 Zafrina Spanish Current Theories, However F
36 Zafrira Hebrew Feminine Form of Zafrir F
37 Zagir Armenian Flower. F
38 Zagiri Armenian Flower. F
39 Zaha Hebrew Bright Shine F
40 Zahani Sanskrit Variant of Shahani F
41 Zahara Hebrew Feminine form of Zohar F
42 Zaharira Hebrew Elaboration or Variant of Zahara F
43 Zaharoula Greek Variant transcription of Zacharoula F
44 Zahava Hebrew Gold F
45 Zahavah Hebrew Golden. F
46 Zahavit Hebrew Variant Form of Zahava F
47 Zaheeda Indian Alternate transcription of Zahida F
48 Zaheen Indian Intellectual, Sagacious, Clever F
49 Zaheera Muslim Variant of Zahira: Shining. Luminous.. F
50 Zahida Muslim Hermit. Ascetic.. F
51 Zahida Indian Feminine form of Zahid F
52 Zahide Turkish Turkish feminine form of Zahid F
53 Zahira Muslim Shining. Luminous.. F
54 Zahirah Arabic Dazzling. F
55 Zahirah Muslim Variant of Zahira: Shining. Luminous.. F
56 Zahra African Flowering. (Swahili). F
57 Zahra Arabic White. F
58 Zahra Egyptian Flower. F
59 Zahra Persian Brilliant, Bright F
60 Zahra' Muslim White. Radiant.. F
61 Zahraa' Muslim Variant of Zahra': White. Radiant.. F
62 Zahrah Arabic White. F
63 Zahrah Muslim Flower. Beauty. Star.. F
64 Zaib Muslim Decoration. Beauty.. F
65 Zaib Indian Beauty F
66 Zaiba Muslim Beautiful. Adorned.. F
67 Zaibaa Muslim Variant of Zaiba: Beautiful. Adorned.. F
68 Zaida Arabic Lucky. F
69 Zaig French Diminutive of Loeizaig F
70 Zaig Celtic Diminutive of Loeizaig F
71 ZAINA Arabic blooming flower F
72 Zaina African Lovely, pretty F
73 ZAINAB Arabic brilliant, bright in Arabic F
74 Zainab Muslim Daughter of the Prophet Muhammad.. F
75 Zainab Indian Alternate transcription of Zaynab F
76 Zair Biblical Little, afflicted, in tribulation. F
77 Zaira Irish Irish form of Sara: princess. F
78 Zaira Italian Dawning. F
79 Zairuska Czech Diminutive of Zaira F
80 Zaja Hungarian Unknown F
81 Zakaria Hungarian Feminine form of Zakarias F
82 Zakayla African-American Elaboration of Kayla F
83 Zakharia African-American Feminization of Zakary F
84 Zakia Indian Arabic Alternate Transcription of Zakiyya F
85 ZAKIAH Arabic Alternate transcription of Arabic F
86 Zakieh Persian Persian Form of Zakiyya F
87 Zakieya African-American Variant of Zakiyya F
88 ZAKIYA Arabic Alternate transcription of Arabic F
89 Zakiyyah Muslim Sharp. Intellectual. Pure. Pious.. F
90 Zakiyyah African-American Variant Transcription of Zakiyya F
91 Zakkiyya Muslim Variant of Zakiyyah: Sharp. Intellectual. Pure. Pious.. F
92 Zaklina Polish Polish form of Jacqueline F
93 Zakuro Japanese Citron F
94 Zalanka Hungarian Feminine Form of Zalan F
95 Zali Hungarian Dancer, Princess F
96 Zalia Spanish Short form of Azalia F
97 Zalika African Well-born. (Swahili). F
98 Zalika Egyptian Well born. F
99 Zaliki Egyptian Well born. F
100 Zalma Spanish Variant Transcription of Salma F
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