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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
701 Zondra Greek Defender of man. F
702 Zonera Hungarian Moonlight F

703 Zonga Hungarian Falcon F
704 Zongor Hungarian Falcon F
705 Zonja Dutch Variant of Sonja F
706 Zoon Muslim Moon F
707 Zophia Polish Diminutive of Sophia F
708 Zophia Danish English and Danish variant of Sophia F
709 Zophie Czechoslovakian Czechoslovakian form of Sophie. F
710 Zora Arabic Variant of Zorah: Dawn. F
711 Zora Slavic Dawn. F
712 Zora African Daybreak, sunrise F
713 Zora Czech Dawn, Aurora F

714 Zora Hungarian Hungarian form of Zora F
715 Zorah Arabic Dawn. F
716 Zorah Biblical Leprosy, scab, hornet. F
717 Zorah Slavic Dawn. F
718 Zoraide Portuguese Cognate of Zoraide F
719 Zorana Slavic Dawn. F
720 Zorangel Spanish Variant of Sorangel F
721 Zoraya Muslim Dawn F
722 Zorha Persian Variant of Zahra F
723 Zorha French Variant of Zahra F
724 Zoriana Ukrainian Dawn, Aurora, Daybreak F
725 Zoriana Slavic aurora, daybreak F
726 Zorimel Spanish Mesmerizing Golden Light F
727 Zorina Hungarian Dawn F
728 Zorinka Hungarian Diminutive of Zora F
729 ZORION Basque happiness in Basque F
730 Zorione Basque Feminine form of Zorion F
731 Zorislava Ukrainian Feminine form of Zorislava F
732 Zorka Czech Diminutive of Zora F
733 Zorobabel Biblical A stranger at Babylon, dispersion of confusion. F
734 Zoroslava Czech Diminutive of Zuzana F
735 Zortel Yiddish Variant of Tzurtel F
736 Zorya Slavic The name given to the goddess F
737 Zoryana Ukrainian Dawn, Star F
738 Zorzeta Greek Hellenized form of Georgette F
739 Zorzetta Greek Diminutive of Giorgia F
740 Zose Lithuanian Lithuanian cognate of Zoe F
741 Zose German Either a short form of Zofija F
742 Zosepa Italian Italian form of Giosepa F
743 Zosepedda Italian Diminutive of Zosepa F
744 Zosfi Hungarian Short form of Zsofia F
745 Zosia Polish Diminutive of Zofia F
746 Zosienka Polish Diminutive of Zosia F
747 Zosima Italian Italian feminine form of Zosime F
748 Zosja Hungarian Belarusian Variant Transcription of Zosia F
749 Zoska Polish Diminutive of Zofia F
750 Zostaute Lithuanian Feminine form of Zostautas F
751 Zosza Polish Diminutive of Zofia F
752 Zouleikha French French form of Zuleikha F
753 Zoumpoulia Greek Hyacinth F
754 Zovanush Armenian Sweet F
755 Zowie African Life F
756 Zoya Greek Alive. F
757 Zoya Russian Life. F
758 Zoya Muslim Loving and caring F
759 Zoyechka Russian Life. F
760 Zoyenka Russian Life. F
761 Zoyna Arabic Beautiful F
762 Zoysa Arabic Unique F
763 Zoza Hungarian Hungarian borrowing of Zoja F
764 Zozan Yiddish flower garden F
765 Zozan Russian Flower Garden F
766 Zozan Armenian Flower Garden F
767 Zozefina Greek Greek form of Josephine F
768 Zozyma Polish Polish form of Zosima F
769 Zsa-zsa Hungarian Pet name for Susan. Lily. F
770 Zsadanyka Hungarian Waiting F
771 Zsaklin Hungarian Hungarian Borrowing of Jacqueline F
772 Zsalya Hungarian Sage The Plant F
773 Zsana Hungarian Lily F
774 Zsanin Hungarian God is gracious F
775 Zsanina Hungarian God is gracious F
776 Zsanka Hungarian Originally A Diminutive of Zsanett F
777 Zsanna Hungarian Lily F
778 Zsazsa African Lily F
779 Zsejke Hungarian Szekler-Hungarian Variant of Zselyke F
780 Zselinke Hungarian Unknown F
781 Zsella Hungarian To Pledge F
782 Zseni Hungarian God is Gracious F
783 Zseraldin Hungarian Hungarian Borrowing of Geraldine F
784 Zseraldina Hungarian Variant form of Zserlandin F
785 Zsinett Hungarian Hungarian borrowing of Ginette F
786 Zsizsi Hungarian Diminutive form of Erzsebet F
787 Zsofi Hungarian Short form of Zsofia F
788 Zsofia Greek Wisdom. F
789 Zsofia Hungarian Hungarian form of Sophia. Wise. F
790 Zsofianna Hungarian Wisdom And Grace F
791 Zsofie Greek Wisdom. F
792 Zsofika Hungarian Hungarian form of Sophia. Wise. F
793 Zsoka African Promise of God F
794 Zsolna Hungarian From The Name of The City of Zilina F
795 Zsorzsett Hungarian Hungarian form of Georgette F
796 Zsu Hungarian Short form of Zsuzsanna F
797 Zsuliett Hungarian Devoted To Jupiter F
798 Zsuska Hungarian Lily. F
799 Zsusztin Hungarian Just F
800 Zsuzsa African Lily F
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